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Alright fellas, looking for some good ideas to hopefully come out of the collective knowledge of arrsers particularly the younger lads who have experience of carrying the minimi. Right basically, I'm going to afghan in a few weeks down south. I am carrying a minimi and am gonna have a shit load of ammo for the thing, inevitably some of it will get slammed into the daysack but I like to carry as much ammo in my webbing as possible, now in Afghan I want to operate with a vest I think, so I am looking for bright ideas on a good vest for carriage of minimi ammo. I know Arktis make a dedicated minimi vest, thinking about this...anyone got any experience of these? I could also get the iddued pouch sewn onto a normal vest but I could see this being fiddly to get into. Anyone got any good leads on this?
307 Hi,
I 've got good and bad News,
I 've made a Minmi Slip chest rig for carying Minimi Ammo ,It can be made larger to carry more as well .
Also UK made DPM /DPM desert IRR SC/UK4936 cordura is on its way to me and my workshop in Israel ,The ship docks this sunday ,Had to pay an export licence for it and promise to sell it only to UK personal ,though I reckon Kiwis could use it as well.
The Bad News is that I'm of to Reserve duty on the 18th and can't deal with new orders.
You could try JayJays in the UK and I think there is another company that could help you out.


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I don't know if this'll work but for a cheaper option try adapting a 5.56mm bandolier, cutting out all the individual sections so a belt will fit, sew up the open top piece and make a secureable opening (with press studs or velcrose) in one of the ends making something that looks like the old 7.62mm bandoliers.

Another idea I found to work on SCBC (all those years ago!) was to cut the bottom of a bandolier and attach it to the top of another giving you a bandolier that can fit 5 mags in, worked for us then should still now - and also apart from the cost of some sewing kit was free.


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I think 307 meant Minimi link/beltboxes.
May not be much help really: the Aussies have Minimi pouches for their webbing, maybe you can do a search on google for a supplier who'll post to UK...
Perhaps an EFR would get the ball rolling for the Brits to issue them?


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If you can get them , a claymore bag is great to carry 200 and gives you immediate access to the top of the box.

The pouches look okay, but you'll be fumbling around to get them out of the webbing (especially one handed)
Ask around the other lads and see what they're doing.

I'd go for belt kit as going prone with these minimi vests on will be nigh on impossible. The issue pouches are designed to take the 200 round box belts, have one left and right and a box on the weapon itself and that's 600 rounds on you. The rest can go in the daysack. I managed to squeeze the boxes into utility pouches, but they were a cvnt to get out in a hurry. Carried three on my beltkit and one on the weapon, 800 rounds all told then more in the daysack if need be.
Yeah DocSTAB mate I've managed to get 850 all up in my belt kit 600 boxed 250 loose but we are gonna be in vehicles a shit load and I think I'd prefer a vest, I'm still torn to be honest. I ave also thought that due to the weight of all that link and the position of pouches on the vest it may sag down at the front and be honking bad to wear? To be honest asking the other minimi gunners will do no good, no ones ever had to carry as much ammo as we're gonna take on patrol with us in Afghan. The 100 pouches fit in utility pouches a treat by the way doc. Just another interesting one, the little velcro pouch for oil bottle on minimi pouch is a perfect secure fit for one HE.
Feel free to tell me if I'm talking out of my Arrse as Minimi is way after my time but can't some of the link be carried bandolier style, slung across your back? this would even up the weight distribution a lot and as you'll have body armour on anyway, won't dig in your back when you're sitting in your vehicle. 7.62 link used to come in bandoliers for this purpose. Are the belt boxes reloadable?

I must say that carrying 850 rounds seems excessive, especially if you're mainly operating from vehicles. I'm sure you have your reasons.
The boxes are reloadable yes, but take time and are a bit of a faff to reload to be honest so I carry as much ammo already boxed as I can, but the problem with the minimi is, whereas the general will just yank link through it regardless, obviously the feed paws in the minimi are not as beefy and it doesn't particularly like being fed unboxed link, don't get me wrong it will do it but in my experience it tends to lead to an increased number of stoppages, it's designed to be fed out of boxes. I'm still experementing anyway fellas, I will report back on what seems to work just as a future reference for any others.
Aye, the minimis can be a bit dodgy pulling the first few rounds out of the boxes too. You need to pull a good length out when you load them.

307, have you thought about getting something knocked up by JJ's? I know a bloke who had a south african style vest thing made up by them. You could get them to put some minimi pouches on the sides, or see if they have a minimi vest available. They ought to fast track it for you if you are off soon.
Give them a ring and find out. They'll be able to tell you whether they can do it or not.

Number should be on a few threads here.

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