carphone whorehouse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by firthy, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. If i was her 16 year old brother and i got hold of it, you wouldn't see me for dust, or flailing fists, whatever
  2. FFS look at her pupils in the pic, she is either drugged up or so turned on she's leaking.
  3. So it's all about the compo: I was traumatised sob sob; only £10 compo boo hoo.
  4. Spend it on downloads ! oh, you've got no memory left in you phone have you, well you shouldnt record so much porn.
  5. Is this a 'special' service open to all,
    when having one's phone seen to at CPW?
  6. I usually just get a crap software upgrade
  7. As I scanned that article, I misread saucy romps for saucy tramps! Briefly I thought "Oh my good God - this is the thick end of the wedge that was clown porn!" On re-reading it I realised that no Harold Ramps had been involved. Incidentally, it's been a while since we discussed clown porn and whether you would suck a tramp's c0ck for a million pounds.

    Maybe it's time to go back into the frying pan?? :)
  8. I had a problem with Vodaphone for over 2 years. They allowed some company or other to send porno films and pics to my mobile on the basis that "you must have authorised it". I pointed out to them that I now live in Vietnam and the last thing I need is porno films and pics, since all I have to do is nip down to a local bar and get the real thing for next to nowt. Moreover I also work in Muslim countries like Iran and having that kind of stuff on your mobile phone /computer etc can leave you liable to prison and public floggings. Luckily enough, the bird I complained to at Vodap is ex RMP and she sorted it out. Anyway, did anyone get the mobile number? Can we see the birds tits on here?
  9. A slow day at work today then cuddles? :D

    Along a similar thread to the OP. I bought memory card for my daughter from one of those games exchange places.

    They were so thoughtful that they even pre loaded it with loads of music and photos of random people (perhaps they thought she doesn't have any real friends of her own :? )

    Far from being outraged, I saved all the MP3 files. knocked one out over the pictures of the scantilly clad young women and then formatted the card.

    Thanks *** I'll make sure that the next time I need a memory card I'll come back to you. Half the price of Carphones4U and with free extras.
  10. I don't record the evidence (apart from on Kleenex). She's more than welcome to pop round for a live show though. Although I wouldn't do it on her birthday as it might put her off eating for a while :D
  11. The article doesn't mention who opened the phone when it came back - maybe Mum/Dad did and young Lauren is massively covering up being a porn obsessed lezza. Seriously, why would anyone in a phone shop have any reason to bluetooth porn onto a handset they're meant to be fixing?
  12. How the hell is she 'traumatised' by a bit of porn?
  13. Wow free porn and a tenner :)
  14. Fcuking hell. You've done it again MD. Made oi larff :twisted: