Carpet Arms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sarge_massage_my_passage, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Why the fcuk do new Troop Sgts walk into the rest room, on their first morning, with arms looking like they're missing a roll of carpet each.

    Why the aggressive stance without getting to know the mindset of the boys?

    Are such people just sh!t bags?

    Imaginative and highly intellectual responses appreciated.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    autocratic style of man management. Go in hard and you can always mellow later but vice versa is difficult.
  3. Because many young lads that join these days will try it on. Stamp it out on day one, week one, and let them know who they can and can't fuck about. Suss out your workforce, decide who the grafters and the chancers are, build workplace relationships in good time.

    Remember, many people don't enjoy putting on an aggressive front in work, but if they get results they will continue doing so, to the point when they don't realise they're doing it. They don't get paid to make friends.
  4. Because you're in the Army not the Girl Guides.
  5. Maybe you should have been working instead of being in the rest room.
  6. Disgruntled Tom with a bag on because he's been told what to do off a senior? Get a grip you fanny.
  8. ....and one day tom,it could be you.
  9. Not correct .
    What you are saying is that break the horse or dog and it will give you good service . But these are not animals and they do not rely upon their masters for food and shelter, and unlike the horse or dog sometimes they are beyond the reach of the whip and will be require to make a decision without refering back to someone above.
    I always allowed the guys under me to have an opinion, a voice and make decisions for themselves within guidlines agreed previously between us.
    There are times when the need to conform to the plan 100% is paramount ,but how do we train our future leaders if all we breed are clones who follow the last androids steryotyped manerisms .
    This at times put me in the fireing line but despite this I made WO1 and was proud of the guys who served under me in the units i served .
    I believe those guys were better and more prepared for events than the guys that were managed by autocratic Sncos and Officers ,who i believe contained the guys under them by fear to keep them to heel.
  10. The OP's gripe was about poor first impressions, not his style of management. If you've got a troop of lads who you know can do the job well then by all means give them opportunities to prove themselves. A manager, military or otherwise, shouldn't be all pally and chummy with his staff until he knows them.
  11. In that case i agree and also during the training phase there has to be a starting point and then work up .I still say that there always was and from my knowlage and contacts still is to much steriotyped man management .I remember one of the best bits of advice i was ever given when first reaching Sgt by my then RSM.That was just be yourself dont try to emulate anyone else .I beleive that a lot of my counterparts did not have or take that advice as i watched them continue with the same crap the last guy used. I was also never pally or chummy I kept a mutual respect and always was prepared to come down hard when the need arrose
  12. because they are going to fit a carpet for the nice young NIG's so that their feet do not get cold on the nasty horrible cold floor.
  13. So you were a c0ck then?

    Oh and "Spelling"!! (yes its childish and gets right on people's t1ts but come on FFS!)
  14. I thought "Carpet Arms!" was a standard drill instruction in the French military?