Carpenter & Joiner in the army??

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by no_surrender_rfc1690, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. hi folks, just wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this job in the army. I wrongly never went through an apprenticeship in joinery and kinda regretting it now. Basically i was wondering if this position within the army is an apprenticeship or do they just kinda train you as you go? I do have a good, basic knowledge of the trade and good basic skills.

    Also would this be solely what i do or do i still have to go on patrols etc, if say i was out in afghan or wherever??Basically-would i be spending more time with a gun in my hand or with a hammer in my hand to put it bluntly,lol?? im not to sure about it all really as the internet site doesnt really give too much away regards the job description and i havent really been able to get down to my careers ofiice lately.

    Any help whatsoever would be great folks!
    Thanks for your help
  2. You do courses, starting with basic and moving through intermediate to Class 1 chippy. You will more than likely have to train into another trade as well - combat engineer for example. Like most trades in the Corps, your qualifications will be recognised by civvy employers and will probably be accepted as NVQs.

    Edited to add: Yes you will be expected to wander about with a gun from time to time. As a Sapper, you are a soldier first and a wood butcher second.
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  4. hammer the screws in & screw in the last 2 turns. that's the class 1 cse covered.
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  6. that is just the multiple uses of a 6" nail.
  7. excellent guys! thanks for the help.if i did decide to go for this job wen would i be strting?i assume id have to sit tests n stuff 1st??
    so what your saying is that i would be given an NVQ certificate after my training or iam i jus slavering there?

    also how long does this training go on for and what is the minimum time i would hav to serve (not that im planning on making a getaway,lol)

  8. Aye, doesn't sound like it either.
  9. seriously-cos iv heard loadsa different durations off people and some people i know that did serve in th army say it has changed now but arent quite sure?
  10. Joining now puts you on a VEng(Short) initially, this is 12 yrs with a minimum commitment of 4 yrs. Once you do your Phase 3 trg (trade course) you will get a "trade restriction" which demands a further return of service to "pay for" the training the army has given you, that trade restriction would probably push you over the 4 yrs.
  11. thanks guys!
    jus a couple of more questions-am i too old to join with me being 24 and also where would i be placed after iv completed my training? i stay in fife which is in scotland so would this mean i would have to join my local regiment which is the black watch?

  12. ill give you some advice !

    lose the the" no_surrender_rfc1690" forum name
    and definatley lose that kind of attitude before you turn up at depot.
    imo the army dosent need pricks like you.
    maybe you should move to NI and give the the UDA or UVF a try.
  13. You should definitely specify that you want to join the Black Watch battalion of the Corps of Royal Engineers. This will ensure that, after training, you will be able to stay on call in Fife (which is in Scotland).
  14. looks like am not the 1 with th ATTITUDE! ill use whatever username i want wether am in the army or not. proud of my background so away and spin on it if you dont like!!

  15. Thought of the RAF? They've got a few planes, and you could tell them you want to stay at Leuchars. You sound like a well-balanced bloke with chips on both shoulders; you should fit right in to this joint.