Carpe Kevlar....

Carpe Kevlar is not "Keep your head down"

Nice to see our moto being engraved on more and more bullets… Cheers… glad you like it… But yesterday (for the first time) I was asked what it really meant. Well… seize the Kevlar or grab the bodyarmour… a rip off of dead Poets society Carpe Dium..

Ah, but no… the bugger wanted to know what it meant to me… so here it is and this is just my personal interpretation, case closed, it can mean whatever you like to you. It’s a sign-off like “Keep your head down” which is a horrible civie phrase (that even I use when I’m not thinking)… lets face it a soldier is a soldier! not a hack hiding in a bunker… he can’t and shouldn't. If a boxer keeps his head down he gets panned in. SO Carpe Kevlar means “look after yourself”, “fight but fight smart” “Be safe” “Don’t be lazy*” “have a safe tour” all rolled into one. So it’s like “keep your head down” but without inferring that you should be a wooser.

(* bit of personal one – I used to have the choice of armouring up and it could kill you just as easily as it could save you – so it reminded me to think smart rather than fall into being lazy)


It can of course have any meaning you have for it personally, but as I say… case closed.
Carpe latin primer, amicus

Carpe Diem.
Amicus; singular. Amici, plural

( poncy school alert )
I feel a Monty Python sketch coming on.

No, not about parrots.
Sandbanks said:
PassingBells said:
Bravo_Bravo said:
Amicus; singular. Amici, plural

( poncy school alert )

Amicus - nominative, Amici - vocative

You're right - but 'amici' is also the nominative plural for the noun 'amicus' which is what BB referring to in his post.

True, but in the context of Carpe, ie imperative, the vocative is surely a more appropriate tense than the nominative?


I thought the vocative singular was amice, plural amici. 2nd declension noun, or is it 4th declension?
While you're on baldrick, got my round confiscated going through customs in Kuwait

It was in the box, had a ring on it and was on a chain

There was no point arguing with the little sod I'd never have got out the country

Can you BFPO em and can I pay by card over t' phone as my router goes through somewere strange that make my pay pal nervous and causes my bank to block my transactions.............................

Plus I'm a supertitious fecker and require some form of voodoo protection other than C ram

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