Carpal tunnel syndrome

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by revmodes, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Any one have any experience of this very painful condition?

    Had the diagnosis last week, after 2 months of agony, undergone a scan, bloods etc etc, it would seem that i now have about 18 weeks on the waiting list before surgery.

    In the meantime any ways of improving the symptons , minimise the pain, totally screwed at the moment, no driving, golf, self abuse, and have dropped two pints this weekend, bloody sacriledge i know, tried all the gel's, heat pads, ibuprofen coming out of every orifice, short of taking a chain saw to it , iam getting pretty aaaaaaaggggghhhh
  2. Yep it's bloody painful I've had it along with a trapped ulna nerve at the elbow and a ganglion at the base of my thumb/wrist... separately would have been bad enough but all three together was the pits although a wrist splint did help a lot D-ring Wrist Splint

  3. 1) stop performing normal everyday activities with the injured hand, for at least a week for the condition to rest. This will take the pressure off the affected nerve

    2) use a wrist pad with your pc. the wrist pad is a cushioned support that rests your wrists. runs the length of the keyboard.

    3)waer a wrist splint for approx 2 weeks. Remember the splint will only provide the best support only when the wrist is straingt

    4) massage your hands and wrists to relieve the pressure

    5) take anit inflammatory medications for the pain and swelling

    6) make an appointment with a physio
  4. The cause of my problem was found after having a MRI on my neck & it was discovered that I had a trapped nerve in my cervical spine caused apparently by a motorcycle accident a few years previously. Although operable it was decided against as the odds were 60/40 against it being successful with a very high risk of being left quadriplegic. In the end I was referred to a sports physio to see if he could release the nerve.

    After several months of treatment involving neck traction (akin to being hung whilst laying down) nothing seemed to work until my last appointment when I suffered the most agonizing searing pain down my neck & right arm which left my right hand almost totally numb for several months. Eventually sensation did return & the pain had disappeared although I still get the odd twinge now & again... particularly in cold weather.

    As for the ganglion, although I'm not a religious man I found the bible a great comfort........ I used it to whack the bloody thing & disperse the fluid. :thumright:

  5. what you are describing ISNT CTS!!!!!!

    CTS is very localised this sounds more like root involment from your CNS

    if you are still having problems may I recomend you have an assessment with a physiothrapist.... acupuncture MAY help but only short term pain relief
  6. Forget all the conventional stuff, I have suffered with this for a few years and the best results I got were from a Chinese Herbalist doctor, he did the usual massage therapy and acupuncture and some herbal tablets and was quite honestly fantastic, so much so I never had the op in the end as its is 90% better with only occasional episodes
  7. I had both my wrists operated on in 2008, the worst one first and then two weeks later the left wrist.
    The pain was bloody awful, especially at night which meant little or no sleep, so surgery was the last resort before I murdered someone!
    Luckily living in Belgium I didn't have to wait long for surgery ( 1 week).
    You can get cortisone injections in your wrist to alleviate the pain but you can only have a few of these before you risk damage to the tendons, so not a long-term solution.
    I did read in a magazine recently that Doctors have found that Vitamin B6 can help.
    Its sedative effect helps to reduce pain, while its anti-inflammatory activity can help shrink swollen tendons.
    A typical dose of vitamin B6 for carpal tunnel syndrome is 50 mg 2 to 3 times a day. And it can take up to 6 weeks to notice an improvement. Different things work for different people though but could be worth a try. Maybe take brianand's advice and pay the Chinese Herbalist a visit too, anything (almost) is worth a go when you are in agony!
    Repetitive activity doesn't help its cause either, using the computer etc... amongst other things!! ;o) Good luck
  8. The initial diagnosis was CTS but the symptoms progressed to indicate cubital tunnel syndrome also. After having had x-rays & a intramuscular Electromyography (EMG) and a nerve conduction study (NCS) it was decided that I should undergo a full cervical MRI to see whether there was another underlying cause, it was after this that a trapped nerve between the C4/C5 was found.
  9. that makes total sense then,

    all the best with that
  10. I'm back to normal now.... nearly. Except I look like a myopic Japanese fighter pilot with RSI.:salut:
  11. Guys,

    I left the army last year after 28 years and having little or no injuries or medical problems during my whole career - pretty much immediately on taking my uniform off my lower legs seized up ( started happening during steady state runs) and I now struggle to WALK more than a Mile without severe pain in my mid shin and calf

    - I saw a doc who recommended a sports massage therapist which actually worked very well for my calves( was sinful,but worth it) but my shins still seize up. I now walk to and from work every day (1.5 miles each way) plus around 1-2 miles during the working day but I feel the pain is now coming sooner and after ever shorter distances - incidentally cycling is no problem! I cycled 20 miles yesterday with no issues whatsoever.

    In my ignorance I believe this is caused by the sac around the muscles not being able to expand and therefore the muscle can not expand during exercise?

    Does anyone know if this may have arisen because I no longer wear boots?

    Also, what treatments are available for carpal tunnel syndrome? - is it an operation? Does anyone know if I can do anything for myself? - I thought by exercising daily I would eventually train my muscles and other parts back to serviceability but so far that's not working!

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  12. As with some of the above it can be indicative of something else. After a couple of years with carpal in feet and hands I was diagnosed with hyper thyroidism. now I only get it when the meds need adjusting.