Carols Tevez & MSI

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, May 13, 2009.

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  1. CARLOS TEVEZ can sign for Manchester United today if he wants.

    There would be no transfer fee because he is not registered with another club.

    There would be no negotiations as long as he is happy with his personal terms.

    All it needs is the player, a contract and the agreement of the club and it’s done.

    United could even try to get out of paying the agent’s commission, though it’s almost certain they would find themselves with a legal row in court.

    If Tevez were willing to break his contract with MSI — the company that owns his registration — then he could become as famous for not playing football as Jean Marc Bosman.

    The Argentina striker is out of contract with United at the end of this season, when his loan deal expires.

    In that situation, normally a player will simply choose which offer to accept from any interested clubs and go without a bye or leave.

    Not Tevez. His contract with MSI means he cannot agree anything without their permission and, more pointedly, their demands being met first.

    Or can he? Some might like to see that same contract tested to the full under European Union law.

    It was Bosman back in 1995 who successfully argued that the transfer system, where a third party governed a player’s right to move, was unlawful.

    So if Tevez did want out of the MSI deal, might he just then simply sign for United and get himself a good lawyer?

    Or perhaps even ask the club to get Jean Louis Dupont to defend him against the case which would likely be brought by MSI?

    Dupont was the legal brain behind Bosman’s victory in the European Court for Justice, which changed the face of football for ever.

    He has since become a familiar face at United, representing the club in cases involving the complexities of football and European law.

    And, given his experience in the field, Dupont would be the obvious man to advise them on the Tevez situation.

    The lawyer’s greatest victory is that in the name of the little-known Belgian defender in the European Court of Justice.

    While the action took five years to complete, the argument in the Bosman case was very simple. Dupont claimed any third party (a club) which governs the movement of a player between jobs is a restraint of trade.

    That being the case, it violated the individual’s freedom which is protected by the Treaty of Rome, which is at the heart of the EU.

    MSI might claim their contract with Tevez was signed outside of Europe but since Tevez wants to play in Europe it’s likely that the terms would be at least open to challenge within the EU.

    And the fact that MSI is a company and not a club could be seen as irrelevant as their third-party role would likely be the crucial point in question.

    Third-party ownership of a player is not disallowed by FIFA but its terms could violate EU law if successfully challenged in the courts.

    United, by exploring all the possible legal ramifications of Tevez’s contract with MSI, appear to have signalled they have no intention of paying the fee which is being asked.

    But, if United were to choose this route, the first hurdle to making a free agent of Tevez would be persuading the player to part ways with MSI.

    Some may argue it wouldn’t be too difficult.

    If the club do not want to pay the £32million fee MSI are demanding, they could easily offer a fraction of that sum to the player in return for his signature and a possible court case.

    After all, if this happened, Tevez wouldn’t be the first player in the history of football to have his head turned by an offer. At the same time, MSI would then have to weigh up the consequences of going to war with one of the world’s biggest football clubs.

    And suing Manchester United wouldn’t be the easiest move — if it came to that.

    His adviser, Kia Joorabchian, obviously knows it’s getting close to D-Day in the handling of the player.

    Recently, Tevez has been man-marked closer by his agents than at any time on the pitch this season.

    His relationship with Joorabchian is close but it might not always have been that way.

    When he arrived in England two years ago he and Javier Mascherano were billeted in a London hotel while the agent fixed them up with a club.

    Both players initially thought their destination might be Liverpool, Manchester or Arsenal.

    On the morning they were sent to East London, Tevez called a friend from Argentina and asked innocently: “Where is West Ham?”

    Now, if Tevez, 24, sticks with MSI and things fall through with United he will not want any uncertainty over where he will end up.

    On the other hand, could he just sign a contract at United — and get himself a good lawyer?

    How long is this "contract" with MSI or is it ended when they get a fee? Im sure they have had 20mil from United over the last 2 years.
  2. Utd have only paid £6million over the last 2 seasons.

    This leaves the balance of £26million to pay if they want him to stay.
  3. This is complicated but does explain United's reluctance to do a deal with MSI. Is it possible a bosman could happen?
  4. Don't think so. I think he has got it in his head to go anyway. A courtroom battle would be too messy, look how long it took the Sheffield Utd saga to be sorted.

    Pain in the hoop, either sign him now or let him go.

    (Hope he stays though)
  5. Cant blame United for trying though as its a bit weird how a 3rd party company can own a player with what seems like no fixed contract end date which was the point of the bosman case to a degree.

    I hope he stays too.
  6. I think Tevez would be an asset to any side, and if he fancies heading down the Kings Road im sure he would be welcome with open arms. The problem is as can be seen, MSI "own" him and any attempt to break that contract, either by the player himself or a club is going to be a long sticky affair that will only make the lawers rich. If Tevez ever wants to "belong" to a club, he needs to square his relationship with MSI away

    I think he will stay in the Prem with whatever club is willing to pay MSI the most, and at the moment its Man City
  7. Actually, i think thats highly likely, i cant see him going to Liverpool nor Chelsea, not sure he would fit their style of play, were we need a ball holder, and one who actually can look like he gives a feck.
  8. The situation is simple in that...2 years ago United paid £6mill for a two year loan of his services, also they had first refusal to buy out the rest of his contract for a further £32 mill, after the two year loan spell expired, assuming all parties were happy with the situation.
    Since the deal has been done, the arse has dropped out of the financial markets, and United are loathed to part with the agreed sum. Because, if they don't take up the option of his contract, then he becomes a free agent again and would cost at most 25 mill on the open market. Basically, United are trying to save themselves £7 mill on the original agreed fee.

    The bitters from the wasteland have the money to buy his contract, but would he want to go to that sort of football desolation 8O :lol:
  9. Probably rather than stay at manure and wait for the money men say to them, so wheres that few hundred million you owe us. Heres hoping that it becomes a McDonalds, after all it fills every saturday with clowns.
  10. Ooh get you!! Do you really think the MASSIVES deluded sense of their own importance, makes them contenders for all the players in the world? Besides you need more than just Tevez to turn you into a team capable of competing for Mediocrity :lol:

    Kaka saw you for what you are.....A small club with shit loads of money!!
    You tramps are only known because you're United's neighbours up the road :p

    Get yourself a life and go watch a decent team that plays better football, you'll find plenty at Hough End on a Saturday/Sunday morning....And they won't make you pay for it :roll:
  11. Ohhh at least were not made to go,if you dont buy now what is it, ah yes the latest manure pencil sharpener,you wont be allowed a season ticket. Or if you dont buy a Fergie red nose you wont be allowed to watch next season.

    Full house only because you have to go, well when the baliffs come and want their 600 million back, maybe you can go and play somewhere the fans worship you, Ireland or Japan.

    Cant even afford to buy Tevez, tut tut you must be poor.
  12. Well im sure you will all be happy my team got promoted, Birmingham City FC, 6 points all around!
  13. Yep, over the moon. Quite possibly the worst away game to travel to. The most expensive last time you were in the premiership as well. What is it with teams who have Category A, B and C ticket prices? I had to pay £46 to watch United play Birmingham because Birmingham class United as a category A game. We were the away fans. We'd struggle to make Birmingham a Category C game. I'll give St Andrews a miss next season.
  14. Some games were 35 quid in the fizzy pop league for the home fans. Its the greedy pervs we have in charge. Were for sale so I cannot see them budgeting a summer spending spree.

    My last season ticket cost 160 quid about 9 years ago, now thats about 4/500.
  15. OI! Warrior of the Wasteland,
    You are demented aren't you?? Quite patently you know nothing about football, having only just jumped on the ABU Bandwagon. Check on the internet for your facts about support you nipple. I suspect that your hatred of the Champions is based on nothing more than your inadequacy of choice...Sad as fcuk. What part of M/cr are you from? Being a scarlet Lancer, i suspect you aren't are you? Sadsack!! :oops: ...See now i'm embarrassed for you. :lol: