Caroline Lucas and her Emergency Cabinet

You know you’ve touched a sore nerve and worried someone when they go to this level of obfuscation in responding to you!
What sore nerve would that be and why should I be worried? Things are going the way that I want them to. We are on track to leave the EU without a deal which is what I want. I'm happy right now.

I was responding to your several points. It's a written discussion. You are the one that is far more upset. You wanted to remain in the EU and it's not going your way. The clock is ticking down and there's nothing you can do to stop it.


What bit of crashing out without a deal do you not get?

Why are the government stockpiling medicines and essential goods?

Why are extensive additional parking arrangements being set out and accompanying regulations including penalising drivers for non compliance being put into place in the port area’s in the southern UK.

Why makes you think that anybody in the EU is going to do us any favours come the day we actually leave. I think it will be quite the opposite!

You’re like a turkey tutting while impatiently waiting for Christmas to come along. You and your fellow Brexit travellers seem to think that Brexit is going to set the world to rights and all we need to do is display that stiff British upper lip and everybody will cave in to our demands.

I may well be a silly old fart but it’s you and those like you that are behaving incredibly stupidly. Just go back and stick your big thick head back in that hole in the ground.

We are leaving numbnuts. There is no doubt about that in my mind. Let’s leave sensibly though with a deal that will at the very least prevent any catastrophe from causing us lasting damage both economically and socially.
There is a slight impediment to getting a deal :-

EU has stated categorically that there will be no negotiation on the deal they agreed.
Parliament has rejected that deal on multiple occasions, to the point the Speaker (who's a remainer) would entertain no further votes on the matter, in fact the Speaker permitted more than 1 vote on essentially the same motion which is outside of normal HoP protocol.
The default position unless the EU offers a different deal is NO DEAL and there's jack all anyone can do about it even if there was time to negotiate further with the EU.
The EU has no obligation to agree to delay Brexit further than they already have.

As to the farcical Lucas proposal, not only is it sexist, if it had been proposed as an all male cabinet it would probably have attracted a legal case for sexism, it should see a case for sectioning the Lucas idiot for being demonstrably too stupid to be allowed out without adult supervision.

Facts are facts, the UK voted by a significant majority to LEAVE THE EU it's only the prevarications of MP's that have created the current mess. As has been pointed out the HoP voted on the referendum terms and wording, they went to a Genereal Election with manifesto commitments to obey the referendum outcome, they voted on implementing Article 50 and they've squabbled like toddlers now they've realised they're responsible for screwing up the actual Brexit.


I've mentioned this on quite a few threads now. In 2015, by a majority of 491, the hoc voted in favour of whether or not to leave the eu in our hands. That became an act, then law, which they themselves passed, if I remember correctly. Which means, as I understand it, the hoc is acting against a law they passed?! And they're complaining that democracy is being taken out of their hands? Aye, right.
Indeed. However, I was referring to the legislation they passed after the referendum.
I’ve never taken any notice of Green Party policies but someone did tell me quite a way back that one of the Green Party ideas to save the world was to more or less completely decimate industry and send everybody back to working the land with horses and other non polluting pastimes.

I don’t know whether that’s still in there somewhere. Who knows?

Ms Lucas knows perfectly well that her latest idea of an all female cabinet to save the country is just as loony as what I’ve written so far in this post about their industrial policies. In this instance, this all female cabinet idea is a publicity stunt, nothing more and we’re all (outside of arrse anyway) too polite to say so. It will go down well with the feminists though which is the platform that Ms Lucas is aiming it at.

That said, I really don’t think we could as a nation be in a worse place than where we currently are. The biggest joke is that we’ve pretty much done this to ourselves. If we’d been this incompetent in the earlier part of the last century, we’d have all been speaking German for the last seventy years or so.

It really is unbelievable!

I am beginning to wonder if some form of a unity government made up of a cross section of individuals selected from the three major parties with a mandate by the Queen to clear up this awful mess is really a way forward.

Boris firstly needs to be told that no matter how hard he tries to appear like him, he really completely and utterly isn’t Winston Churchill and it’s plain that despite Parliament insisting on some kind of deal being agreed, he is just going to crash the UK out of the EU without one. He’s always been a buffoon and now he’s turned into a dangerous buffoon.

Corbyn no matter how hard he tries, carries far too much baggage from his years as an on the fringe of the Labour Party back bencher.

We need a radical and democratic solution to this fiasco and we pretty much need it now. Nobody could have foreseen the country not just tearing itself to bits but actually being lead by politicians actively encouraging this self destruction.

Put the f*cking brakes on and let’s have a sensible debate about what we want the UK to be and what we need to do to achieve that outcome through a democratic process that the whole country can participate in.

If we don’t do that, then we will end up as anything but the “United Kingdom” and will be the laughing stock of the world.

It seems to me that Boris won’t give a crap about that. He will have had his term at the helm to boost his fee’s on the international speaking circuit. The rest of the clan including Rees-Mogg and the various hangers on will have all made even further fortunes at the expense of the country and the ordinary public will spend the next twenty years or so paying for this fiasco in every way possible both financially and through a vastly reduced quality of lifestyle.
"Politicians did stupid stuff, so let's get more politicians to replace stupid stuff with different stupid stuff."

I do believe I've spotted the major flaw in your plan.
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Nope. MPs should have debated them in Parliament and voted accordingly. Instead they were forced through by statutory instruments. Major prorogued Parliament to prevent debate on Maastricht.

Now the fear of a no deal, stoked by Project Fear BS, means they are trying to overturn the way government works in the UK.

No deal isn't a car crash or a cliff edge. Trade will continue, money makes the world go round. Agreements have been made of matters such as air transport, residency etc. A political declaration is not necessary. No one will die unless a loss of Remainer lemmings jump off Beachy Head.
Is that the collective noun for pro EU idiots?


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Utter bollocks, he shot down every single one of your pathetic arguments with well stated facts.

All you can reply with is drivel about resorting to 'obfuscation'.
I'm actually surprised that being an ex Greenjacket, he could actually spell the word and use it appropriately.


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I'm actually surprised that being an ex Greenjacket, he could actually spell the word and use it appropriately.
I can spell it!
Don't know what it means though!


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Unfortunately, leaving sensibly requires a bit of intelligence and flexibility from the EU and, since the treacherous vermin who managed Brexit negotiations for Tumbledown Tess managed to embed the idea that the UK would roll over on every significant issue, that involves completely revising their assumptions and applying a completely different mindset to the one they've applied up to now.

Personally I doubt that the EU can flex fast enough but I do expect common sense to assert itself fairly fast after October 31st when the legal position is transformed and Remain and their EU chums realise that playtime is over.

Paradoxically, having made a lash up of the Referendum, Remain have subsequently played the defining part in making 'No Deal' the form horse against all the odds - which is quite remarkable given that May was effectively conceding everything the EU (and therefore presumably many Remainers) wanted and was only prevented from doing so by the narrowest of margins which could have been surmounted had certain Remainers emerged from their intellectual fog and supported her.

The current state of the three remaining Remain-supporting parties pretty much sums up Remain as a whole, as indeed does the spectacular implosion of CHUK:

The Greens can't roll out a right-on, PC strategy without looking completely mad, offending the race lobby and drawing fire from the very people they set out to impress; the leader of the Liberal Democrats has finally done something newsworthy, though unfortunately it involved announcing that she's neither liberal nor democratic; and the wheezing, arterio-sclerotic political machine and general self-propelled shitstorm that is Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is still trying to decide whether current policy demands that the assembled faithful should grace Conference with a chorus of the Red Flag or the Horst Wessel Lied.

What a shower.
Absolutely bang on the money.

O Zangado

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Apologies if this has been quoted earlier, but the Green Party's sole, single, one and only, unique, solitary, lone MP proclaimed yesterday at the launch of her coven emergency cabinet to stop Brexit, “[Women] are able to reach out to those they disagree with, and cooperate to find solutions”.

That lot will only reach out to tell those they disagree with in order to tell them where they have been going wrong and educate them as to what the "correct" solution will be. Batshit crazy doesn't even come close.



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Caroline Lucas and a monstrous regiment of women ..

A richer proof that the Greens are batsh!t crazy would be difficult to find.

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