Carole Waugh--what's the story?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Exon, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Well, this story does classify as news, possibly current affairs.

    I keep seeing stories which raise the possibility that she was on the game, but they seem more for sensational value than anything else. First off, she was a successful businesswoman, a millionairess at that, with a pretty posh lifestyle. This dosh supposedly came from working in the oil industry in Libya. Yeah, OK, maybe she had an "interior decorating" business on the side, but didn't the Libyans top tarts in the day?

    Anyway, she was looking for love in the adverts, but there's this implication that she wanted more. The media hints that she was looking for that "generous" and "affluent" type, not just somebody to keep her company.

    Well, that seems to have cooled down now that they have a body, and a few suspects to boot.

    Can anyone clarify her relationship status?
  2. Single I'd imagine unless necrophilia's your bag!
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  3. Oooh gossip. You sad ****.
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  4. Were you one of her clients?
  5. She had a face like a slipknot mask, I can't see anyone wanting to welly that horror, not even up the hoop in a windowless room with the lights off and a blindfold on.
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  6. You got it, but I do have to admit curiosity as to why that line of inquiry is being pursued.

    As people have pointed out, Billie Piper she ain't! Why raise the topic?
  7. Perhaps people paid her to **** off and leave them alone.
  8. I could answer but i won't because i don't fancy being quoted in the Daily Wail. The rididcule of admiting shagging it on here i could put up with but not the embarresment of the Wail.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I worked for a month or two as a hotel night manager a while back - the hookers that used to arrive where frightening to behold but I do find it hard to believe that some 50 year old who is to put it kindly rather plain would manage to drum up any business.
  10. Scat fetish is hard to come by, so you can't afford to be I'm told!
  11. Last I checked, paying somebody to **** off wasn't a crime!

    I have to agree with Schaden, the Billie Piper hookers are in the movies and men's fantasies, but I couldn't see paying top dollar to shag Carole.

    But, no one has touched the Libyan thing yet. How many "nice" British girls go off to Arab lands and come back with a packet? Sure, the parents think it's legit, but...
  12. You must be gay. I would have lubed up her hoop with or without a bit of crude oil to assist.
  13. Libyan Intelligence killed her because she knew the identity of the real perpertrator of Pan Am 103 , a man so powerful , the revelation could overthrow several Middle Eastern governments , plus our own . The oil job was a cover , she actually worked for MI6 ( codename " Geordie lass " ) and among her other intelligence coups was getting the Libyans to sell the Argies doctored SA7 Strellar missiles in 1982 . These missiles had been altered in such a clever way they could only shoot down A4 Skyhawks or Mirages and thus won us the war and a second term in office for Maggie Thatcher . To maintain her deep cover , she personally warned Gaddaffi about the in bound F111's in 1986 , thus saving his life , for which she was awarded the prestigious Order of the Golden Camel , with Palm Leaves and Dates , by the dictator himself , who also invited her to lead his elite all female bodyguard ( PS : Whatever became of them ) .
    Returning to London , she planned to reveal all in her explosive memoirs , and thus had to be silenced at all costs .

    See , who needs the Daily Wail ?
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  14. And like that... she's gone.

    She knew Keyser Soze.
  15. My guess would be, she looked for Chuck Noris.