Carol Vorderman

Would you shag Carol?

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Enough of your Hermer talk...

At the university here, we have, as you may imagine, people from all over the globe. Next to my building is the Faculty of Modern and Mediaeval languages, and a very good friend of mine in my building is Chinese. These friends took great pleasure in pointing out to me the various " mystic" tattoos that a lot of people wear. And took enormous satisfaction in, for example, the Chinese symbols, explaining that far from being mystic or whatever, they were mostly garbage. One young lady had what she thought was a series of writings that promised good fortune and honoured her past, whilst it actually read 'crispy duck and wonton soup' And, a would be Viking had a series of runes that basically said he was a ladies front bottom.



In one place where I worked, we had one uber-styler walk in one day wearing a t-shirt with large Japanese writing on it.

We also had a guy in the office who had a Japanese wife and was fluent. I asked him quietly to look at the t-shirt and tell me what it said.

He took one glance and muttered to me, “It’s the washing instructions.”
I wonder if it said "wash in tide"*

*Charlie Williams circa 1974