Carol Vorderman

Would you shag Carol?

  • Yes...Like a tramp on chips

    Votes: 391 79.0%
  • No...Not even with yours

    Votes: 48 9.7%
  • Meh

    Votes: 51 10.3%
  • Question not applicable, I'm greenbaggyskin, and I play the pink oboe

    Votes: 5 1.0%

  • Total voters


I read the postmark as ISIS and thought,

'She needs to do something about her dress sense if she wants to do well with them'.
I'm sure Carol is aware of ARRSE and in particular this thread, I'm a bit pissed off with her for not sending us a collective Christmas eCard.
You mean you didnt get one from Carol? Anyone else also missing out?

At least 5 years old, given that it was taken into space in 2015, but I'd speculate than it's at least double that vintage.
There once was a woman called Carol
Whose anus was waiting to swallow
I popped in my fists
Right up to the wrists
And spread her cheeks like the wings of a sparrow

(African not European)