Carol Vorderman

Would you shag Carol?

  • Yes...Like a tramp on chips

    Votes: 391 79.0%
  • No...Not even with yours

    Votes: 48 9.7%
  • Meh

    Votes: 51 10.3%
  • Question not applicable, I'm greenbaggyskin, and I play the pink oboe

    Votes: 5 1.0%

  • Total voters


I dunno.

Take away the glasses (she probably doesn't need them anyway), put her hair up nicely, and slip her into a dress with a bit decollete going on, and a little bit of slap on - she scrubs up quite nice, would be my best guess.
Or you could just stick with the Rose West look and play some really inappropriate sex games.


Back on course.

I can't see Kim on that day time TV programme without thinking of her spitting.
But he may get a NSU sheet if he is hanging out of that.

And no, not even with anyone else's.
You purport to have standards.

Why then, pray tell, do we find you on this of all threads, on this of all sites?

We require no answers.

You must answer to your own conscience. . . . .