Carol Thatcher - an apology - none needed!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LARD, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. FFS we need to be more like Australia if the speach on the other thread is to be believed.
  2. Its a joke - Carol Thatcher made a comment in the Green Room behind the show, not in a racist way, and it is believed that Adrian Chiles reported the comment. The comment wasnt made on air and referred to the style of a tennis player's hair. Compared to the scandal of Ross and Brand it was insignificant. The response she has received is the one that Ross should have got.

    I think the problem is that she is a Thatcher, and the BBC were looking for any excuse to "ban a Thatcher".

    Its a political ban by the BBC.
  3. Golliwog may not be offensive when talking about a toy but is it acceptable when your describing a black tennis player? I may have to start pulling people and complaining whenever I hear the word Jock for a Scotsman, Taff for a Welshman or Paddy for an Ulsterman :?: PC mad the UK has gone.
  4. irrespective of what people think about her use of the word golliwog this should never have made national news - if the bbc had a problem then it should have been dealt with senseably internally. Shes given an apology to the one show thats enough - theres no need for her to prastrate herself for public forgiveness - she was having a private conversation FFS.

    Its got to the point now where noone tells the truth now in regards to their opinions about race - in BBC Question Time 2 weeks ago the issue of Prince Charles calling his pal sooty was raised - the whole panel in my opinion answered what they think they were supposed to say so that they could appear rightcious in front of the audience.- it was blown into something it was nt meant to be and he was a racist bully because 'sooty' would nt dare have a go at him.
  5. This smacks of the same lunacy that saw the nurse suspended for offering to pray for a patient. A case of ' I wasn't offended but somone might have been' :x

    I dispair I really do, soon we won't be able to say anything anywhere just in case someone somewhere 'may' be offended. 8O
  6. It's not like Adrian (West Broms only public Fan) Chiles has any high moral ground to look down from.

    Some of the comments he's come out with on air would of got anyone else censured if not sacked in other walks of life.

    FFS, the Beeb needs to grow a pair and stop kowtowing to the PC brigade that it thinks is the majority of the general public.

    It was an off air comment, not seen or heard by more than 10 people
    Perspective lacking from all involved
  7. It's a good way of getting rid of a co-presenter who may begin to outshine the main man.
  8. The question is, did the player she described as looking like golliwog look like a golliwog?. If he did, what's the problem? As for the persons who reported Thatcher to the spineless snivelling thought police at the BBC.... well err ...people in glass houses etc, etc, etc.
    I bet that after this assassination over what was said in the Green/blue/yellow room off air that the conversation in there from now on is rather stilted and limited to gardens and little kittens.
  9. Haven't seen the other thread but am betting it is the one about how incomers must adapt to the culture here and not vice versa blah blah blah

    It's been doing the rounds for ages and no, it isn't genuine.

    Its on Snopes or some other debunking site.
  10. So Chiles and Co are ZANU Labour Touts, ZANU Labour must be very proud of themselves they are close to achieving a goal of having an informant in every workforce and public place. How doubleplusgood they are feeling, freedom slowly goes down the pan.

    edited to add:
    In order to show my support for CT I'd like to say that I always thought that John McEnroe, the tennis player, sometimes sported a hairstyle that reminded me of a Golliwog.

    My door should be kicked in by Swamper Browns jack booted thugs in 10, 9, 8......
  11. Fecking snitchs, private conversation, all participants voiced their dissapproval at the time but then felt the need to "Run to teacher"

    What the feck is going on

    Chiles has gone right down in my opinion
  12. Turns out the other person in the Green Room was Jo Brand, possibly the most unfunny, sexist person on telly.

    If it is okay to advocate killing men, etc., "as a joke", surely the Golliwog reference pales into insignificance.
  13. My bold. It isn't known who reported the comment as no-one has stated it anywhere. There's a post on the other thread that alledges that it was Adrian Chiles but to the best of my knowledge this hasn't been reported anywhere by anyone who actually knows.

    The only thing that has been stated is from the usual 'un-named BBC insider' (ie the paper made it up) saying that Chiles appeared 'visibly shocked'.
  14. 'Visibly shocked' FFS :x Just how shielded from real life are these people???

    If he was shocked at that he should sit in a NAAFI / Mess bar converstaion for half an hour! P3nis

    Edited for shite spulling