Carol Barnes RIP

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Para_Chute, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    Whilst I'm sure there are many who are saddened by her death, what relevance does it have here?
  2. None. I am outraged.

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  3. RIP

    rather pleasant individual and IIRC when I watched tv she was from the school that says "here is the news as it is" not "here is the news as we think it should be".
  4. Eh? She worked for ITN FFS - just up your street if the 'news' you care about is cats stuck up trees and the latest footballing wives scandal.

    ITN has never, and probably will never, be a serious news medium. It has always been aimed at the IQ and retention span of Coronation Street and Bill fans.

    Something that BBC News is seemingly aiming to emulate.
  5. At least ITN make some petence - It has to be better than Fox News
  6. I have had the 'pleasure' of working for all three and still do. The content is very much dependant on the News Editor (similar role to a newspaper's editor as opposed to the bloke who edits the footage) who's on duty at the time. ITN has had some very good ones, Munroe Forbes for instance. Some of the ITN old timers (and some of them are still working) have seen more conflicts than many frontline UK forces chaps. The coverage of 80's war torn Afghanistan by Sandy Gall and his crew was superb but they had to live with the Mujahadim for months to acquire it (legend has it that to show good faith they helped prime AP mines).

    Barnes was lovely, professional and an intelligent jounalist; a representative of the good old days of news when the story came first and the personality second -she will be missed.
  7. A none event, She was JUST a news reader.

    Hard luck and all that but I dont see dozens of news inches for every other dead person this week in the UK.

    So so lost her kid and never got over it, all those others did .
    Some made a million out of it and a movie is on the way :D
  8. whatever; haven't had a tv licence for 10 years and don't watch tv, most of which I can't stomach. Have been in other people's houses and noted that pretty much anything "factual" is anything other than objective, being biased, or emotional to some degree. This is pretty much the case with all British media and I notice the difference when visiting foreign media websites, some of which appear to make serious efforts at being objective. One arab newspaper for example DID impress in this regard.