Carlsberg Special Brew - Drink of Poofs...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RiflemanKnobber, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Well, I thought special brew was bad enough, but then I saw this in France:
    I had to buy a can to see what drinking it was like: disgusting, threw it away. Anyone ever seen a beer/bier at a higher alcohol content????

    I like the appeal to the true tramp contingent. 'Maximator' - for all your instantly psissid needs...
  2. must import some could rival white lightning
  3. Kasteel Triple is around 14%, but quite nice,drinks more like a 7%beer
    St Michlaus is also 14ish
    there was a pub in Sheffield I think , did a beer called Roger and Out that was about 18%. I had it once in the Beer House in Manchester, but cant remember too much about it. Was around £2/a gill though

    Pete the landlord kept a barrel of Clarkes Dreadnought for a couple of years (unopened in the cellar) that started off at about 9%, and we reckoned it would gain 0.5% every 6 months, so when we broached it it was around 12ish%.
    Another beer+night I remember little about
  4. Plenty of Belgian brews out there with similar levels. If they weren't so expensive I'd be using them to clean paint brushes.
  5. i remember a advert in Viz many years ago for BLitzkrieg Me109 that turned your p155 green but i cant remember the strengh suppoosed to be good though.
  6. I once drank a crate of Bosnian Pivo labelled at 15.1%. I don't think it referred to alcohol content though. I came round three days later, with an arse like a japanese flag and my eyebrows fell off.

    Carlsberg Elephant beer is good stuff and believe me the bastards do forget!
  7. Casual joint the Beer House, often overlooked, and capable of inflicting temporary blindness.
  8. Skullsplitter is only 8.5%, an orkney ale, but very drinkable and probably more deadly than anything of a higher abv that tastes like wallpaper stripper
  9. Well I've obviously led a sheltered life. I thought it was approaching joke levels, but there's obviously more out there for all one's brain damaging needs. It would be interesting to try a 'quality' one, just to see what the flavour's like. This didn't have the real bitterness of Carlsberg SB, but a sort of nasty, syrupy oiliness. It just tasted wrong and chemical - how surprising, given the overall impression the name and can present...
  10. I used to live there (in the Beerhouse)
    Cant remember much but it was probably fun
  11. Last time I was in there they had a 'special' on, all beers were Belgian, and usually brewed by monks of some kind. I remember getting there, the rest as they say, is a blank.
  12. Its re-opened.
    Not the same though,more of a gastropub. not bad food though
    Luckily the barmanager is a pretty girl,who used to live with me, so I have a bit of input over which beers are on draught,and there are plans to start doing a wider range of Belgian bottles

    Its called The Angel now
  13. If you really, really want to show Carlsberg what's what, do the Riyadh Rumba with 20 litres of Beck's Alkoholfreie Pils: hoick it into a Big Plastic Dustbin together with a couple of kilos of sugar and a satchet of Gervin's No3 Yeast. Stir.

    A couple of months later (and some messing about with Coke bottles, pipes and funnels) and you have 20 litres of 18 degrees proof Beck's Bier. Magic.

    (Edit: ...and fucking dangerous.)

  14. Ahhh, that bit might actually have been my fault. (It was quite common a few years back 8O )