Carlisle - Desperate enough?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Mikal, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. 8 luxury flats reduced by nearly half in Carlisle.

    Read all about it here

    So if anyone's desperate enough to buy a place in the last stop before Gretna here's your chance.
  2. Funnily enough, I find that Carlisle is a surprising good barometer for the house price bubble - noticed it also in 87/88. Property in this area seems to climb steeply just before a boom breaks and then falls back sharply in the next 12 months, almost as if the Border is a sort of economic high tide mark.

    Yes, property is cheap, but there isn't much work there above subsistence wages: the nearest large connurbations, Glasgow-Edinburgh, Preston-Blackpool and Newcastle, are all 90 mins drive way. It does catch some workforce overspill from the Lakes, which are way overpriced, but that's about it. If you like rural, the surrounding area is nice, but to the south and east of the city is expensive.

    If you are looking at buy to let, I'd check carefully with the local agents that you are likely to get tenants. Finally, Central Carlisle can be a bit rough at nights.
  3. CARLISLE LUXURY - oxymoron surely?
  4. You have hit the nail on the head.
  5. Well the flats are so good here's the update
  6. I've lived near Carlisle for a while now. It's not a bad town by any stretch. Some fabulous properties for good ££ both in and outside the centre and great facilities, shops, amenities etc etc.

    And as for rough, I'd rather Carlisle than ANYWHERE in the North East. Middlesborough anyone?? :wink:

    Anyone needing an sensible advice, feel free to PM me.
  7. Yes, they just finished those as the crunch bit; their location is not in a 'luxury' area so they're were optimistic to get top dollar. Been very empty. Good to see prices settling at a realistic level for the sake of you young home buyers out there.
  8. Second that...

    ...Carlisle 'the Oxford of the North' (in a year or 10)
  9. Having lived in Oxford, I'll stick with Cumbria thanks! In fact, lets keep up the Carlisle grotty town myth to keep these revolting peasants from down yonder away from our fair city! :wink:
  10. I couldn't understand why they chose to put them there. The old Palace was set back behind a few shops with the railway behind. Come the weekend it's not worth venturing out from there after 8.30pm-ish
  11. Oh stop being such a wuss. What's wrong with you man? Scared of some good old Cumbrian banter are we?
  12. The Botchergate 'Renaissance' (of a kind) stops short of the new flats; the rest of the area needs the attention of the renowned French architect, Pierre LeBullDozerre!
  13. Just stay clear of Botchergate on a Friday and Saturday night according to Boris Johnson, full of drunken halfwits apparently!! Good job they've got them barriers at either end to save us motorists!! 8)
  14. To quote Boris:

    "Not since Pentheus was ripped limb from limb by the Maenads have we seen such drink-fuelled aggression from the female sex"

    That's Carlisle! :lol: