Cargo plane crashes in Bagram

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Officials: Cargo plane crashes at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

    By Kiko Itasaka and Akbar Shinwari, NBC News
    KABUL, Afghanistan -- A civilian cargo plane crashed at Bagram Airfield on Monday, officials said.
    Lt. Quenton Roehricht, of the International Security Assistance Force, said the plane was at a low altitude when it developed some kind of problem and crashed at about 3 p.m. local time (6:30 a.m. ET).
    "At this time, we can confirm there was no insurgent activity when contact was lost," he said.

    More at:

    Officials: Cargo plane crashes at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan - World News

    This link providew addt´l info; the plane was a Boeing 747-400:

    Crash: National Air Cargo B744 at Bagram on Apr 29th 2013, lost height shortly after takeoff

    Apprently a crew of 8 and they all died in the crash.

  2. Poor buggers.....not as if there is not enough aircraft crashed up in Bagram, must be a hell of a place to fly into...
  3. More lives lost uselessly.

    Bring our people home now.
  4. No reason to assume that it was as a result of its location, this aircraft may well have crashed wherever it took off from.
  5. Plane was a 747-400 freighter operated by National Air Cargo , on contract to US military , apparently was at about 1200ft when crew radioed that the cargo was shifting , plane went nose up and stalled , 8 crew killed R.I.P
  6. It might.

    It might not.

    It would be better if we didn't know.
  7. That is a brutal bit of footage.

    I'm never going to badmouth a loadmaster again.........!!!
  8. Bugger me, I didn't think such a thing could happen.

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  9. Poor buggers, they must have realized that there was nothing they could do once the cargo had shifted.

    I'm not an expert, but it does look like the center of gravity has moved back a long way, causing the aircraft to fly in a very nose up attitude until it stalls and then tip stalls before being righted as it hits.

    The warning sirens must have been going crazy on the flight deck.
  10. That's just awful! Apparently 6 of the 7 people killed were from MI. I used to see National (and Kalitta) quite frequently as they use Willow Run airport (near my place in Ann Arbor, MI) quiet frequently and are based there. National might have moved recently though..

  11. From what I read on another site, there were five vehicles and assorted cargo in the 747.

    Poor buggers....
  12. And the added horror of seeing your death coming...poor sods,
  13. Jeee... just picked up on this. Awful. RIP.