Careful what you say...

Judy Murray looks ever so like a nice MILF?
Am i allowed to say that about Sir Lord Earl Duke Andy Murray of Dunblane in Scotland's, mother?
What the fuck has it got to do with BA what he does in his spare time? People will be getting sacked for saying they voted (insert political party that the boss doesn't approve of here). Yet another reason not to fly BA if senior management have to 'apologise' for something they haven't done and which is none of their business.
How ironic that the Mail is acting all shocked and outraged about someone making derogatory remarks about a woman's looks. A bit rich coming from one of the most spiteful gutter-sheets in history.

But then hypocrisy is the guiding light of most of the British press.
Facebook is counted as being "in public", if his profile mentions his employment or otherwise link him to BA, then management will refer to the section of his contract that calls something to the effect of "any action likely to bring the company into disrepute" major misconduct.

Pretty standard contractual clause and one which is frequently used to get rid of square pegs, or cunts.

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