Careful what you say. Sense of humour failure!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by righthandmarker, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Not seen this on here yet, but don't you just want to kick some people square in the tw*t? What's the betting she works for local government or civil service?
    What the f*ck is she doing there??
  2. The lady may have a point :x
    However without seeing the whole show, I think that she could be a plant to spice up the show.
  3. Apoint him as government spokesperson on race relations immediately.
  4. She was a plant. I have watched the show on DVD and at the end she and her 'brother' come out on stage and do some odd dance with him. Apparently, her mother was there and had no idea what was going on when she walked out!
  5. F*cking hell, i can't get justifiably angry at anything these days!!
  6. sorry :D
  7. that is a pretty old clip, I think someone else mentioned it in another thread some time back, its funny though and defo NSFW if your PC sound is turned right up!!
  8. the traditional summer hoofing it down with rain :x
  9. Just to spoil it..........she's a plant! Her and the bloke come onto the stage at the end!

    It was done to gauge the reaction of the audience when they were 'thrown out' but to be fair the show is pretty funny and he's quite a good comedian. Oh and his name is Bendon Burns.