Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by morepressupsplease, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping to commission into the Intelligence Corps when I leave RMAS and I have loads of questions. I have a degree in a relevant subject and a (now redundant!) grasp of a european language and am learning a "hard" language as a hobby. I have also done an attachment to the Corps. What sort of qualities does the Int Corps look for in it's officers over and above the norm? What are the best ways to develop these characteristics? What format do the choice of arm interviews take? What about the tests? What is life like on a day to day basis? What about the soldiers and their relationship with the officers? Likely postings over the first few years out of RMAS? etc etc etc....

    I would appreciate all and any advice from those already in the Corps. PM or email me at . Thanks.
  2. Excuse the trivial question and I may be very wrong here, but don't you know Ian Chamberlain from Southampton OTC? I remember him handing out your email to someone many years ago. Should you know his whereabouts, is he heading off to RMAS?
  3. What a great idea chums!!
    My nephew, currently syudying at Aston. is also hoping to Commission into the Int Corps.

    I would appreciate if you could copy any responses to me at

    Also please please feel free to copy any of your opinions on the chap reponsible for officer manning in D Int

  4. Iraqi DMI, not sure if you're taking the piss... I stuck that post up thinking that if any information is particularly sensitive then... Well, no -one's going to tell me are they? :D But really I just have the normal career type questions.

    Lt George, yep, I was his platoon commander several blue moons ago. He's currently in a TA R Sigs unit I think, hoping to go to TACC sometime next year. What was he handing out my email for???? To a fit chick maybe... Good boy. How do you know him?
  5. Was at The Chimpstitute with Ian. Met him when I was in SURNU. He never managed to make up his mind about doing RCB or anything even remotely constructive. Was just wondering whether I might bump into him at Sandhurst.

    He was handing out your email to a mate of mine who wanted some info on Para POC. Nothing more interesting than that, I'm afraid!
  6. Will the fact that I'm Irish affect getting into the Int or will I just be told to p*ss off straight off the bat? It's pretty much the only corps that I'm interested in once commissioned and I'd like to start practicing counting blankets with the RLC if this is the case. I've got all the other things that the int are looking for;degrees in business and asian languages and a masters in politics and International relations and I can speak a few european languages to boot.

  7. My advice is join as a tom and get a job first! Sick of Int Offrs who dont understand the basics. You can always commission from the ranks. Give yourself a fighting chance 8)
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Basics? I wonder what basic skills you are looking for in your G2 officers WingedSig? Speaking a couple of languages - seems the young man is off to a good start in the new world order. Perhaps you mean that he can't recite the GENFOR handbook off by heart like some of the so called experienced 'old sweats'?

    morepressupsplease - ignore wingedsig's advice - he's only jealous.
  9. As long as you learn to identify which of the troops you can trust not to drop you in the crap you'll be fine. Remember that some will be too cautious, some too definitive. Adjust accordingly.

    Just realise that you're never going to know as much as a specialist in a particular field (nor do you want to, you've got to look at the bigger picture and do the officer thing). Just make sure you only ask for their opinion when you want it and not when you've already decided to ignore it. That does get annoying. And do try to understand the basics, but if you don't then ask, don't bluff. We can tell.
  10. Well as many of our officers have transferred in at Field Rank, a grasp of the basic principles would seem like a good start. Of course the Corps only has it's self to blame for not providing the right sort of induction training.
    < the W course might be a good start to help sort out a few dubious applicants> When you are desparately short, because you can't keep all your DE Reg officers in, you can't afford to be that selective.

    Sure we have some good transferee officers, but why do we always have to wait until after you have transfered over and been posted out to a unit, before our RSM rings up the one in your last unit to find out why you really left your previous cap badge??

    The ability to recite GENFOR or JSP 440 by rote is a bore, failure, at SO2 level, to advise the Commander on how to corrctly apply the principles of intelligence, or security, can be fatal on operations.

    Stop trying to get up his @rrse at the bird-table and try and get in to his brain :wink:
  11. Morepressups was RMAS a riot?
    It looks like you've gone rather quiet, did you miss your Ma and Da?
    They say you left your pint upon the bar

    Jacked by hand-in
  12. 1. Languages are useful. 2. If you've done an attachment you will have been given a good overview of our role and life in the Corps. 3. We expect our officers to have all the qualities that got you into Sandhurst, along with intelligence (steady cynics) and common sense. 4. You will get a briefing at Sandhurst on the Corps. You can also speak to the INT CORPS Pl officer currently in post at RMAS about the Familierisation visit, interview etc. 5. A basic understanding of personal security is quite good - identifying others by name on ARRSE does rate as very bright.