Careers People!!!!

Joining the army has long been an ambition, and now that i have got the ball rolling, in both interview and fitness terms, i'd like to know what you think about the chances of making a lifetime career in the army, for example, im not going in as an officer, but i would eventually like to be one {shame*my dream if to be a general, but the chances of that happening are exceptionally slim*}.

so what happens when you get to the end of your 22 years, are you kicked out no questions asked or given the chance to go onto an officer career, assuming that you havent already?

many thanks!!! :thumright:
Stvwardy, good luck but slow down. Everone is on the open engagemnet when they join, which is 22 years..may have changed.

Your commited to 4 years, 3 months, see how you get on them and what you want out of life. It may or may not be what you expect. i met many people who thought theyd do the full 22, and left at 4 year point.

But vice versa, others signed on for 3 and did the full 22. Its impossible to say wheter we think you can make a full career, only time will tell with you.

Its a job at the end of the day, chance to travel, get a ok pension, meet good mates, be someone, not like these lowlife chavs i see eveyday day in my high street.

On the other hand, not all roses. The army does expect something in return, ie Iraq tours, afgahistan,etc etc.

I know how i felt aged 22, doing my first patrol in Basra..

Do what you feels right at the time. Again, good luck, despite the media news and soldiers moaning, its not all bad.!
very true mate, i should slow down and " smell the roses" as it were, im just wondering what the chances are of becoming an officer after you get to Warrant Officer Class 1.

there must be a fair few who go from that rank, {nco's} to full commissioned Officers.

thanks for the reply mate!! :thumright:
My landlord's an RAMC Major, and he's been in 36 years now, started off as a private and got a LE commission at WO1 - so it's all possible :)
Crescent you absolute gentleman, exactly what i wanted to hear!!!

And we both like bashing chavs!!

oh the brilliance of it all

cheers mate! :thumright:
If you get to WO class 1, with 22 years, theres a good chance you can get a commission. Most dont, most leave after 22 years as a wo2, or wo1, depends on your conduct, age, while serving.

But yes, its possible to go up the ranks and get commisssion. Normally get capt by early 40s. The youngest RSM ( wo1) i knew was 36.
No problem.

Aye we do indeed - more fun with a baseball bat or other assorted hard and/or sharp objects though :threaten:

Did read somewhere though that LE Officers (come in as Captain), rarely make it above half-colonel.

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