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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Greenie777, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. I'm going to the careers office today for the first time and I was wondering what should I expect to happen?

    Should I bring anything with me like certificates or anything like that or will this just be an informal chat and a chance for me to ask questions?

    It's quite a long drive for me and I don't want to be wasting my time.
  2. Hi,

    If it's your very first visit you don't really need anything. You don't need an appointment and it doesn't matter what you're wearing etc - people often pop in for their first visit in their work clothes and so on.

    Similarly, you won't need any certificates or anything - you'll get asked for these further down the line in the application process. Have some basic information on you, though, as you may fill out an 'Army Interest Form', which asks for basic stuff like National Insurance Number and so on. But i'd imagine if you don't have it, it's not the end of the world - again, the serious form-filling comes later.

    If it's your first visit, just ask lots of questions and get the most out of it. The recruiters are there to help! My AFCO in Bristol was really, really good. Very informative and friendly, and I got plenty of literature and DVDs and so on to take on and trawl through.

    Good luck!
  3. At what point do you do the barb test? Do they make an appointment for that later?

    Also are they able to help you make a choice on jobs. While i have some jobs in mind i'd like to keep an open mind.

    Cheers for replys.
  4. First impression counts. Dress smartly not a suit but at least clean jeans and a polo shirt maybe??? shave and make sure you have some idea what you want to ask

    Take your school certificates and anything other certificates you may have.
    They may not take them but if you have them and two forms of ID, you could always go away fill in the application form over a coffee or whatever and return them the same day.
    There is no obligation, just because you fill in the form?
    The recruiter will sit down with you and find out something about you and what your looking for in the Army.
    Be prepared to be ther about an hour or so.
    And make sure you dont go 10 minutes before closing time as you wont get seen.

    If you do the application form there and then, you can come back on your next visit and do your barb test.
  5. Oh I wish :p

    As said above..............Also dont worry they dont throw you in the back of a truck on the first visit and say your in the Army...theres no obligation. Another point is dont worry about your parents/partners coming in on the first visit, especially if there not too happy about you joining as the Recruiter prefers this and expects to be asked lots of questions.
  6. haha i used to think it was on the back of a truck and that was it :)

    don't worry though mate they are sound from what ive seen )and ive been in lots) i think if you are travelling a while it may be best to do what MSI64 says and take the required info to fill in forms after you visit and return them after lunch or whatever, otherwise you will just talk to the recruiter about what you want to do.

    you can change your mind during the app process if you really dont like what you've chosen, but you could maybe wait until you've taken your BARB before puuting ya choices down.

    just rememeber not too worry and good luck ;)