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I would like to know from peoples expirience how long it normally takes from going to the careers office and applying to stepping off the train at basic training. Added in the fact that that I will do everything asked of me as quickly as possible. I am planning to join as an infantryman as I have no GSCE's and that is the job, given the available options, that I would enjoy.

I ask as I am 25 and have commitments so I need to plan out things accordingly.

Also does anyone know if having financial commitments will hamper my application?


I was told that it can be as little as 3 weeks, but can also be as long as you require to get yourself sorted out!

Financial commitments are ok, so long as you can afford to still pay them once you begin training. But you must declare them at your interview, then the recruiters can make a decision whether or not you can feasibly afford to join.

Hope this is of help?
I first stepped into my local careers office March of '06, i begin basic on July 9th '07.

Although a lot of that was getting myself ready, i had to lose a lot of weight, then i had to register with a GP since i hadn't registered with one in the local area since moving down to Medway. Then there was some shinanigans with my refrences, one of my managers at work was taking forever to fill it out, it was just pinned to the office wall, so i went and got another manager to do it all for me.

As long as you have a relativly good level of fitness already and you have a GP and 2 potential references, it shouldn't take anywhere near as long as mine did.

Good Luck.
There are alot of varibles in this but one of the key issues will be what trade your going to do at Phase 2. If it is a trade which is trained fairly regularly such as RLC Drive, RAC trades, Medic etc then you could well move fairly quickly - esp if you explain you are willing to start at short notice should the opportunity arise.

As for financial stuff, as said previosuly so long as you can show you are not a financial nightmare with more debt than a small third world state you shoudl have no problems. It might be worth warning off whoever you have Standing Orders etc going to that you are taking the Queen's Shilling and as a result your pay might be buggered about slightly at first but the fact you will 'in theory' be starting regular employment will generally keep them all happy. If you have any key payments (Mortgages etc) then let the staff at the ATR or ITC know when you arrive in order to ensure proper provision is made to get the cash to you.
i walked into my careers office in may last year and im going to basice july 23rd.. most of the wait for me was because of the medical side of things.. but the joining time can differ for every recruit
I went in to careers in April and I start basic next week (18th june) so it was pretty quick, If I missed that intake though I would have been waiting until October for my next one.
Thanks for the info guys.

I'm planning on joining the infantry do they tend to have a quicker turn around of recruits or is it slower?

Thanks again.

i first started my app in september 06 and ive been though all my interviews and my selection day and my start date is july 23rd 07 so its nearly took me a whole year to get myself in.....

it can depend really some lucky people get put though the system really quick and others just have to wait.....

just get ready to wait ya turn and to grind ya teeth along with the wait ahead
Infantry is apparently very quick in terms of getting to ITC, all depends on your chosen trade/job. As said, things like RAC/CMT can move quite quickly - other specialist things like RMP for example don't have as many Phase 2 training groups each year so there's a wait.

Since ITC is one 24 week course, instead of Phase 1 and then Phase 2, there's obviously not the same complications involved.

Personally I went to ACIO in Feb 07, and I start Winchester on Jan 21st 08, but that's for RMP.
Jimmy1880 said:
Thanks for the info guys.

I'm planning on joining the infantry do they tend to have a quicker turn around of recruits or is it slower?

Thanks again.

I got medically cleared at the end of April (took 3 months), passed both interviews on the same day in mid-may, passed selection on 4th June and I start training at Catterick on 12/8, and Im joining the Rifles. Hardest part for me was getting my doctor to do my medical forms, you've got to keep nagging them and checking with receptionists, or I did anyway! Once you've done that your ACIO can get things moving quickly in the right direction. Best of luck to you!

I was in court...magistrate gave me the option ....prison or army.....
I said army..........was in uniform in 5 days......(1962)....
i restarted my app in May (I'd previously done the BARB and prelim. interviews, then tried being a civi "properly" with a "normal" job and stuff for a few months and hate it) - Im going to Phase 1 in august.

A lad on selection going for infantry had a turn around of 2 weeks from selection - hes got through pretty quick.
Went to the AFCO yesterday the bloke I spoke to seemed really sound, he said that there is a good chance I could get in quickly If I get my docs in on time etc.

I plan on joining 1Btn PWRR so I might be through training and supping a Warsteiner in paderborn early next year.

Just one more question please guys.

How fit do they expect you to be when you turn up for basic, I'm hoping they don't expect p coy levels from the getgo!
They'll expect you to be able to run a mile and a half in, what was it, 10 'minutesish'? But anyway, all the tests you'll do at selection (Which includes team tasks, a series of weight tests - Including static, 45 and 75kg lifts...I think it was, don't mark me down on those weights), and from basic you'll pick up on these. I haven't started basic, but that's what they told us in selection. As long as you keep doing push ups and running as often as you can, then you'll be fine!

Hope all goes well mate!
"The fitter you are when you arrive at Recruit training, the easier you will find it and the less likely you are to pick up and injury" - roughly copied from the leaflet on recruit training. I agree with it!
yes your medical notes take along time to show up....mine took atleast 5 months and so to save the time of her posting them i went and collected them because it took long enough already....
Basically if you're fit when you get there, life is easy, if you're a fat biffer who hasnt trained since you did Selection, chances are it'll be hard.

The ADSC will see if you have the potential there to complete Basic Training, which includes fitness. I know that if you're young and can't manage the run in under 10:30 you will probably get a slap - dont pretend it'll "be alright on the day" and just running 1.5 miles really is not enough preparation, if you run 3 or more you'll be feeling like you're sprinting the 1.5!

Oh and as you're going infantry, you need it in under 10:30 or you go on a remedial course before you even start basic. I personally wouldn't like to start my army career on remedial PT...
I also find that a 40 minute run on the beach helps you out a lot. When I did that mile and a half run on selection, I thought it was a piece of piss! I came in a good position as well, and obviously a good time - And I started right at the back behind 67 people as well. (I think I got like 8.50). I've been running in Florida as well recently - The humidity is a bitch, and I wouldn't recommend running in those conditions, haha.

But yeah, moral of the story, as it seems to be repeatedly said, is to just do your daily training of push ups, sit ups, and running everyday(Or as often as you can), and you'll be fine, and fit as a fiddle for basic. Well, at least I assume so, as I've got 2 months until I get to basic.

As for that medical stuff - I had mine sent to the Careers office in Blackpool, and my forms were in my hometown of Camberley. They took a month and a half to get there. Rest assured I was a bit grieved about that. So overall my application process was 6 months with a further 3 and a half months of waiting for my start date.
Thanks fellas, My time is 12 mins at the moment but I have only been training for 3 weeks and 3 weeks ago I could barely walk a mile and a half! I've been going out everyday running till i throw up. I've given up the fags and laid off the ale. Can't wait to be a part of the PWRR.

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