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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Huemungas, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. I just wanted to know whether anyone else has had this issue.

    I changed my number since my application went in and I gave them my new number obviously. But it seems every time I ring them up they have my old number (happened 4 times) and I have to give them the new number again. I'm also told I will get a phone call back about certain things and I never do, I ring them and am treated as though i don't make the effort even though I ring them at least every 2 weeks and have done all that's asked of me. I also have my old phone so its not as though they are just ringing that one by mistake. My run time is below 10 minutes and I want to go on pre selection but I just get the same answers every time I ring and it gets no where.

    How easy is it to change recruitment offices? I am in the middle of two luckily, or is there anything else I can try?

    I'm not moaning at anyone in particular here but it seems the office I'm at, all the computers don't work or their phones don't work.
  2. what are ou waiting on? where in the process are you?
  3. I am up to the pre selection, keep being told they will ring me when I'm booked on one. But Its been like this for a while now and every time I ring they have the wrong number
  4. has your RG8 medical been cleared?
  5. Yeah that cleared pretty quick, I just really do not understand what's going on
  6. Congratulations! You have just discovered the wonderful game of Army Admin!

    Other games to look forward to:

    1-Hurry up and wait.

    2- get on the bus, get off the bus.

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  7. how long would you say you have been waiting? they may have alot of traffic so have many people to get on. dont call them actually go in and just ask whats going on and if you have been booked yet. dont forget your not the only person who theyre dealing with.

    as for your original question i dont know if you can change office. IRON may know if he glances at this thread
  8. Crapita will be taking the recruiting process over very soon so plenty of applications are "pending".

    I'd hold off changing offices for a wee while.
  9. I have been waiting for 2 months now, do you think cancelling and starting a new application at another office would be a good idea? I don't mind the waiting but I do mind constantly giving my new phone number and being told things that never happen.
  10. From one of the old if not so bold. Just hold on do not get frustrated, take your time, enjoy your life and work on you fitness while you do. The famed 1000 yard stare that you have read about is nothing to do with being nails it is a switch off mechanism which makes the starer look as if he is brain dead whilst hibernating and waiting for something to happen. You are at the 5 yard point and nothing you can do is going to speed it up you have to go through the hoops. The Army is a system and it will do it when it feels like it. Accept it as you crawl through it, almost motionless until you reach your own slitty eyed look of perception
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  11. You wont be able to restart an application as as soon as your details go into TRHJ they will see you have a duplicate application. As per normal were only hearing one side of the story and Im sure theres bits you have ommitted, if you feel strongly about it go in and discuss your application with your Recruiter/Senior Recruiter and they can ensure your details are correct and also give you a run down of what you need to do. Many applicants say they are ready for certain stages and Im sure there is a very good reason why you arent ready for that stage yet. If your Office is one thats closing/reduced manpower then you could look at asking if you can transfer to another ACIO and your whole record will be moved. Just remember though as Booti says from 1st October the Army partnership with Capita reaches vesting day and there will start to be big changes in the process up to March 2013 when it will be fully said my suggestion is go in and speak face to face and Im sure then you will have an explanation of what you need to do.