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Discussion in 'Officers' started by kfcno1, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    Looking for some general advice. Basically I graduate next June from Glasgow Uni with a degree in Politics/History. Currently looking at possibel careers and nothing appeals to me bar the Army,in particular the Int. I don't know much about Sandhurst and was looking for info regarding my chances of getting in. I'm 22 female, didn't go to private school, don't have a military family bar a bro in the signals and I don't play sports! I do believe I could get my fitness up to scratch though.

    So guys, where do I go from here? And is Sandhurst full of the upperclasses as depicted?!?!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Do you work in KFC?
  3. No, i'm a Mcds kinda girl. I do however, support the mighty Kilmarnock FC.
  4. *Phew*

    Thats OK then. For a moment I thought we had a duffer there.

    Seriously - go speak to your local Careers Office, have a read of the advised threads, read the Army websites and have a good think. Why does this appeal and why now? Is it a lack of other jobs to use your degree that is making you think this way, or are there other reasons?

    BIG question I always ask people to think about - are you prepared to not just pull the trigger and kill someone, but instruct someone else to do so? Ultimately, that could happen - and not just Infantry. Seriously - have a think about that.
  5. And bear in mind Sandhurst is about learning to soldier. Your choice of cap badge will influence the type of soldiering you do after. Background, private income and relatives in the forces means nothing (excepting the Household Div and even then you have to be competent!).

    Check out the Intelligence Corps thread and recruiting links to get a feel for life in Cypress Green. Intelligence is a growing business in the Forces and is transferable to civy street when you finally leave. Its the best but I am biased!

  6. Glad to see that even you (as a female) have recognised the fact that even having a brother in the Sigs does not constitute any discernable military connection............oh, and can I have some hot-wings with that order, thanks.
  7. Another person wants to be in the Int Corps...Snore!
    Basically alot of the people I met at RCB wanted to join the Int Corps which I thought was massively depressing considering:
    1.Their intake from Sandhurst is (per year) tiny
    2. They all seemed to think that because the title of the corps is 'intelligence' that they might be the next James Bond and I am honestly not shitting you.
    Basically most of them had no grip on reality and unsurprsingly alot of those people had dropped out of uni for mickey mouse reasons as well....
  8. My place. As long as you dont mention the kilmarnock thing 8O
  9. ...and what is wrong with Kilmarnock?!?
  10. ( removed for being a silly question )
  11. Why not try the TA in the intervening period? It gives you a chance to see if you enjoy soldiering before you commit to the Reg Army. Just go down to your nearest TA Centre and enquire about joining. It really doesn't matter what unit you try to join initially as all your initial training will cover Infantry basics irrespective of who you initially approach.