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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by chamoisleatherdruid, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Evening Guys!
    I need help to have an informed and logical view of what advice to give to a 16 year old lad wanting to join the RE ( Don't say not to join up either lol). I can give him a good view of the careers that the REME offer but not the Engrs. What trades are there in the Engrs? What is the money like? I need to know is the best trades for career prospect, ie career ceiling not capped at Sgt. Speaking to the boy's Mam he is uncertain at the moment whether to stay in for 22yrs or for 3 or 4yrs but I need to know all options.
    Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks Fatbadge. I'm looking at that now, but wanted to hear the word from the lads which trades are the best to go for.
  3. Sparky
    etc, etc

    I doubt you'll get a straight answer from this lot!!

    As much as it hurts, anything that will lead onto a Clerk of W..


    (this is really hard to say as a Res Spec)


    Clerk of Works

    *breaks into cold sweat*

    That'll send the lad on his best promotion route.

    Probably Electrician..
  4. Clerk of works? Equivalent to our ASM? If so then thats the way he should go. Thanks.
  5. Im sure the rest will be in shortly extolling the virtues of each's chosen trade, but yeah. I would say anything that will lead to a CoW (electrical or mechanical) is the way forward.

    Electrician trade appears the route that will get there with the least chance of being shoehorned into a different route. He needs to be properly on the ball though and clued up

    Equivalent to ASM.. hmm.. I guess loosely as far as trade goes.. probably coming in somewhere between Tiffy and ASM..

    No doubt one of our Chilwell Gents will come in with more detail

    There are plenty of threads about trades scattered about the forum here, hopefully you'll get the info you need.
  6. Thats great thanks. I hope the others are just as helpful lol.
  7. Bricklayer 35 week course
    Building Finisher 28 week course (painter decorator and sign maker)
    Carpenter 29 week course
    Fabricator (Welder) 35 week course
    Plumber 30 week course
    Electrician 39 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)

    Plant Operator 19 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E licence)
    Equipment Mechanic 35 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E)
    Fitter (Air Conditioning) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Surveyor 41 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Draughtsman (Design) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Draughtsman (E+M) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Materials Technician 32 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E)

    Bold above would be my recommendations, good quals for civ div and if prepared to move into Q stream at Sgt/SSgt no dramas for promotion.

    Ones not highlighted can spend a long time away from trade if unlucky!

    Surveyors and Draughtsmen are (allegedly) being sheperded towards CoW.

    Good Quals from CoW course, but it can be perceived as a queue jumping course (akin to a LCpl to SSgt Promotion board) If he can hack the banter... sometimes it gets laid on quite thick, I would recommend CoW.

    Bit young to decide if he is doing 22 years!

    No doubt people will disagree and defend their trade to the death, it may generate sensible discussion or turn into an armoured plantie Fieldie slanging match!

    Fitter ACR or Sparkie tie for top 2 IMHO
  8. I'm going to feel like a right WAH, n00b, sprog... And any other degrading names, but what is Clerk or Works? And how can someone jump from Lcpl to ssgt on two year course? Hah, I'm guessing its not open to the sigs wing?

    My RCMO said that Sigs from Lcpl is the best promotion trade in the Engineers. Although, looking at my troop... :?
  9. NT, I just had to laugh :lol: I expect you will get properly educated by a few CofW either by PM or in full view here.

    I have my own way of explaining what a CofW is and they aren't very polite. Queue jumpers is the nicest one. Yes, they do a two year course, which isn't easy, and they can start the course as a L\CPL and end it as a SSGT. As in all walks of life some will be good blokes whilst others are complete knobbers. The only one I worked for was one of the latter type. :x
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  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Pse keep this thread to sensible advice for the originator on trades. The relative merits of C of W ranks is well covered elsewhere.
  11. Point taken.

    From that list what are the time restrictions, if any, on them? The lad may want to know them.
  12. Not 100% on this (a while since my trade course) but I think 2 years is about the norm, can anyone clarify this?
  13. Class 2 was 2 years
    Class 1 was a year

    CoW is I think a 5 year restriction

    Believe most young uns get to Class 1 within their first 5 years OP tours and decent management permitting.

    CoW is if recommended and Sub LCpl recommended for promotion to Cpl.

    Away from Regt at Min can somebody confirm/deny thats all off the top of my head
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  14. I think you're right there Priam but Clerk of Works (all disciplines) is a 4 year restriction, not 5.