Careers in K&R, Crisis Management, Hostile Environment Training

It seems your pretty well connected there, why not call the SoS Def PA and ask if there's any positions going. I bet your knowledge and skills would be very useful in briefing Government Officials working abroad.

Alternatively set up your own consultancy and get the message out there.

I've spent the past few years researching Risk & Crisis Management as part of my own FE & as Dinger has pointed out your well connected in the networking dept already, a few other Forums include Consultancy as I'm sure your aware.

I too recieved a brick wall reply when attempting to contact a few major companies in relation to my own field & requesting assistance or even some Civilian Industry guidance, agreed there's only so much can be done on an online forum.
Firstly thanks for the replies and PMs.
I know it was a long shot coming on here, but when I was reading the 'worst airports in the world' thread and someone is dodging landmines and camel shit on a Somali airstrip you realise how far spread the ARRSE membership is.
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