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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Smurfette, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys/gals,

    I know this has been done a billion times but I'm interested in joining the RA and was looking for opinions on the different job choices from people who are actually doing the job.

    ACS seems like a good option-any views?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Smurfette,

    You should be aware that at junior ranks ACS attracts lower pay than equivalent strike or targeting trades. However, the shortages of ACS personnel mean that promotion prospects are better. Presuming you are female, and attempting not to be prjudiced,ACS may well suit you better than being a gun number, tabbing around with a heavy bergan of Op and comms kit or living in a Stormer with 3 hairy assed blokes!


  3. Try one of the technical targeting trades, UAV, RADAR, SRG, higher rate for lbdr and abovealso very likely to be away quite a lot
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I don't mind having to put up with 3 hairy arrsed men but obviously don't want to get stuck in a rut with regards to pay/promotions.

    I am female and quite petite so I'm under no illusion as to what I can cope with physically. I don't mind grafting but I'm not some silly bint who pretends to be able to do P Coy ( like a lot of people I know personally)

    I know some of this is just regurgitated stuff but my AFCO is always shut when I'm not working so it's a pain in the arrse trying to get anything out of them.

    If I were to do a tehnical trade I would be better off if I were to leave the army but then I do like to get stuck in and get my hands dirty. Anything that's in the middle?

  5. You need to join the Engineers! :oops:
  6. to let you know the only trades that have higher pay rates ( as lbdr and above) are logistics and observation post assistant....join the r sigs, at least you move every 3 yrs..with the RA your stuck in one place.
  7. if u wanna join the R Sigs and get crap postings then go for that yes the money maybe slighty better but the places u can get are arrse go artillery some of the tours are good cyprus especially the trades options are good if u get on a good one then ur sorted

  8. eh? :roll:
  9. You really are talking out of your arrse, all ISTAR trade groups are in the higher band LBdr - SSgt. The ISTAR trade groups are: Gnr Radar OP, Gnr Sound Ranging, Gnr UAV.

    Smurfette, you will certainly get your hands dirty in these jobs and you are very likely to deploy, IN ROLE, often.