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i have an appointment at the careers centre next monday wat should I bring? i read some of the stuff n here about what you take along with you to basic but i havnt had like a list from them or something. do i just bring basic stuff like toothbrush ans socks and stuff?
I take it you are talking about the ADSC. you will receive all the information through the post, with dates, times and items you are required to bring.

Good Luck
Why would you need tooth brush and socks for the careers centre? Surely you would need your passport, gcse etc certificates?
wat does adsc stand for? im a bit worried because i went in to the carers office on monday and they said to come back nex week and i havnt been told anything yet. i thought they would give you more info b4 you go to basic!
If your going to the careers office then your just going for your interview aren't you? Have you done your BARB test etc?
gothpanda said:
barb test? nope nothin like that, all i know is i hav to go monday. i guess thtas when you go for basic?
I hate you. Everytime I read one of your posts I die a little inside. I actually feel my IQ dropping.


What did they discuss with you when you went last time. Sounds like you've got a way to go before ADSC (Army Development Selection Centre)
I am not really sure what part of your application stage you are at, and you have completely lost me!!! If you have not done your BARB Test you have quite a way to go before you reach basic.

If you don't know what a BARB test is then don't go packing your backpack just yet, ok! You need to complete the interview process, go some tests and choose what you want to do in the Army/Navy/RAF/BDSM world first..


They'll give you loads of stuff to take away and read through, probably give you an application as well.

Then you'll have to go back and take a BARB test and confirm your 1st and 2nd choices. After that they'll give you a medical form to be filled in and sent back by your doctor. They'll request your references as well.

Thats as far as i am now.

Ive now got to attend a pre selection running club next Thursday to show i can make good times.

Once ive proved that i'll be put forward for the ADSC.

So dont worry youve got a while to go yet.
Why don't you speak to the guys from the careers office online? That's what i did before i went along..
They should be able to tell you what you need to know. But slow down, if does take time to get in. What's the rush Mr Bond?
so i dont go to basic on monday? thats a shame coz im really fit just now and cant wait to go. also arby **** you, ur like all the di cks on this site, except ur a girl.


You don't get a date for starting training if you've applied for the SAS - they come and get you, could be tomorrow, could be when you least expect it.
gothpanda said:
so i dont go to basic on monday? thats a shame coz im really fit just now and cant wait to go. also arby * you, ur like all the di cks on this site, except ur a girl.
is that a primary school insult or are your really confused about my gender? Either way, you're a cnut. No,'re a wah genius.


Slow down matey, you'll get some DVDs and information about ADSC when you go on Monday. Theres more to it than just being fit and you'll need to prepare for more than your 1.5.

Just have a bit of patience and go through the process and it will all be revealed to you as you go along.

As for calling people di cks, you really should be a bit careful with that attitude, you'll be judged on it at ADSC. Some of the questions you've asked on here are things that would have been answered for you by the recruiter (had you bothered to see one sooner), so you can probably see why some people get wound up.

Theres more to it than turn up, run a bit, lift a bit then off to the SAS.
Basic would be over a weekend, not a Monday. Have you done any research?

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