Careers after life in the RA

What have people gone into after a career in the RA, did people have problems finding work?

Or is there to much thought about life after a trade opposed to life now?


Try seismic exploration companies as they are desperate for people at the moment
Try West Belfast. I know you'd be popular there because they used to have loads of slogans painted on gable walls saying how they liked you.

"Up the RA"
I never had a problem finding work, theres always something to nick from somewhere.
Have you considered joining the TA after your service. If you join straight after leaving the regs you will hold your rank and therefore be on the same pay. You also get a large bounty each year.
I work offshore on the oil rigs

Great life, great money and less time away! Well compared to 29 it is lol

Anyone interested pm me and i'll give any advice i can!
Do an AutoCAD course and go into business designing casino's. Hire illegals on a sub conttractor basis but declare their N.I numbers on your payroll and pay them a minimum wage - you take a large 'handling' fee and offset it against earnings. Do this for about 3 years then dissapear pretty schnell like to Holland. Spend rest of life quaffing and generally having a laugh.


menacingboots said:
Spend rest of life quaffing and generally having a laugh.
And staying one step ahead of the triads.......

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