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I'm not sure if I am posting this in the correct place as I can't see where it really fits but I have booked an appointment with the careers advisor for the Army and was just wondering what I should expect at this appointment, if I decide then that I still want to apply and they think I'm ok to apply what is the usual turnaround between then and having a formal interview/selection?


Not long been through this myself and the best thing you can do is have a look through previous posts because there's plenty of advice already posted, you might want to pay particular attention to anything the_iron has said as he appears to be the font of knowledge on anything related with careers office.

Good luck and i hope you find what your looking for :)
They basically send you off with shi* loads of information about different corps and roles in corps etc, you take time to have a look through it all. Go back say right this is what I want to be, sign papers (lots of stuff to sign over the application process). get booked in for a BARB test. Go for a 1.5 mile run with your ACO. Get sent to selection and hopefully pass that first time. Complete your oath and final bits of paper work. Wait for joining instructions and dates and soldier number etc and then your off.

Roll on phase 1 'Harrogate AFC - 6th Jan to Dec -18th'

all in all it took me almost a year to get where I am now!

hope that helped.

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