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My daughter will finish her A Levels ( Biology, Psychology and Sports Science ) in one year from now.

She has expressed an interest in RAMC and intends to go to University to get her Physio Degree.

However - she wants a year out before going to Uni - working in something along the lines of her intended profession.
I immediately thought of Headley Court for work experience.
Does anyone know if that is possible or any other useful suggestions.

......and No you are not getting any photos.
Many Physio degree courses require an element of work experience anyway and a lot of local NHS trusts allow and encourage work shadowing. I wouldn't know about Headley Court as I have no links to such things but the A Taste of Medicine website is all about NHs work experience if Headley court isn't possible. Could also try private local physio practices etc.

Im not a physio, however it's an option I'm looking at once if my application doesn't work out so I've done all the rooting round looking at various uni requirements etc. usually such work experience is on a short term basis so she could maybe consider some sort of health based volunteer work?

best of luck to her regardless
I am a Physio in the NHS and have expressed an interest in joining the RAMC since my second year at uni. I am in the middle of the process at the moment and firstly, it is fiercely competitive and a lengthy process. Saying that, so is every aspect of physiotherapy. Hence the demand to get good experience prior to attending university. This is something that most (and the best) universities demand alongside the normal entry requirements of biology a-level plus grades specific to that university (normally AAB -BBB).

Id like to echo the advice of Grim_sqeauke above regarding work experience. I shadowed physiotherapists from special schools, hospices, neurone habilitation hospitals from periods spanning from a morning to a fortnight. It is tricky getting local NHS experience due to being under 18 however more and more are now allowing observational placements. The most important thing however is a sound knowledge of what physiotherapy is. Sounds simple, but that's where most people fail on their personal statements to university. Physiotherapy isn't simply that track suited figure running onto a sports pitch or dealing with sports injuries. It encompasses respiratory, neurological, elderly care, orthopaedic, paediatric and women's health specialties and she will need to be aware of this (and even better have seen some) prior to attending university. Saying that lots of universities are aware of the difficulties of attaining such experience so may be lenient, But demand this awareness at least.

She will write to lots of practices, clubs, hospitals, clinics and not get many replies, but persist and don't rely on school to help out. Do some voluntary work in her free time. If she is having a year out then health care assistant work, or even better Physio assistant would be great. It's not the be all and end all though.

When she gets to uni, I definitely recommend joining the university training corps. I wish I did this. It will put her in good stead. On graduation, NHS rotational experience is a great place to start. It's long and competitive but persevere and stay motivated!

She will be applying to the army as an officer, so will need to do her AOSB briefing, main board, then a separate army medical services board. I am in the process of doing main board at present as will hopefully save time later!

the RAMC motto is 'in arduis fidelis', which is 'faithful in adversity'. Quite convenient for much of the above!
Many thanks both of you.
I will print these off for her, don't want my little princess reading the rest of the stuff that goes on here.
She might get the wrong ideas.
Get her to join the TA as a student Physio, or at the least a CMT. She'll be eligible for a one off payment of £3,700 in her 2nd or 3rd year, and she'll be able to gain experience from working with other Physio's if she joins the right TA unit, as well as access to placements etc. The TA is ideal for a student anyway, with the pay, bounty and the holidays in which to undertake training etc. On completion of her degree, she can take the AMS PQO AOSB, which will allow her to commission as a Physio in either the TA or Regular Army.

Let me know if you want any more info.

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