Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 5.56mm, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. I like to keep fit and healthy and enjoy doing phyiscal stuff. When i leave school I want to join the infantry as i think it is what i would enjoy the most. However my parents disagree with this choice as they say i can gain nothing out of it, this made me think about another career as a combat engineer as this seems to be along the same lines as infantry, but would it have as much career variety?

    I just hope in 10-20 years time the army isnt firing laser guns and having terminator type battles as this would put me of joining.

    I want your opinions on this topic i dont care if you call this a wah or a bone thread because i thought you people would be the best to ask about this not the fat careers teacher at my school or my parents.

    All help will be appreiciated.
  2. Forgot to add as a combat engineer can you join which regt/unit you are based along with for example could i chos to be based alongside the infantry.
  3. You'll be bound to get many opinions on the value of infantry compared to just about anyone else. It seems that your x/y chromosome sources are quite happy with you joining the army; however, their view of what the Infantry does is probably a little old fashioned. As I've nothing better to do right now, I'll pass on my thoughts (as a said Infanteer myself).
    The infantry is now much more technical than once upon a time: weapons and weapons systems are more complex; digital communications etc. There is also variety once within the infantry.
    You didn't mention whether you were looking to be a Rupert or otherwise. Whilst running the risk of getting a slapping from other members, I would say that you would get as much in terms of satisfaction out of any Arm, in addition to skills that are transferable to civvi strasse.
    In summary, you should do what you want; you can make a much better judgment from inside than out.
  4. I was thinking of joining from the botom im not really a rupert guy. So we wont be using laser guns in the future?
  5. 556..... be real and stop smoking loo roll....... yes, we use laser range finders but lasers...ffs!
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Have a look at some of the US research in this area. What he talks about isn't so far off the potential of these weapon types although I doubt if it will be on anything but the larger platforms. They already have this as an option to be fitted to JSF ffs! Scary stuff....

    Spotter will now retreat to the closet (sorry) :oops:

    PS join the Engrs - will at least give you a transferable trade.
  7. Trust me on this, the infantry is not the way forward. If you're going to join the infantry be prepared to get given the worst and oldest equipment there is. We're using Snatches out here in Iraq which I'm sure are as old as me. We don't even have digital communications at our level because not everything has been converted to Bowman. Lasers.... the SA80 was supposed to be replaced in 2010 by the G35 but that's had another few years of life added so even if lasers became a viable weapon Im sure we wouldnt be getting them for at least another 30 years. The army is just about cutbacks and saving money. If you're going to join then I strongly advise you to go to engineers or something that will give you a trade. That way when you come out you won't be working in Tesco thinking you'd wasted 4 years of your life, which is what everyone I know is currently thinking.
  8. C'mon, ChrisV! Be fair! We've all been knackerred after a patrol in the heat, with shitty dust in every crevice of our stinking existences.. How else could we be ready to write a gleaming, int laden patrol report. Stop being so damned Mahdi... There's plenty of those black clad ******* currently lightening up your daily life who are so much better at the chippy righteous indignation thing.. Although I do agree with every thing you say ref govt shit piece budgeting and procurement.

    Call me a thick headed Inf tosser but... The Infantry IS the Army... Especially on current operations (let's forget the future, everyone else has). It is the Bloody Infantry who will inherit the dubious honour of shaping the success of all operations from the ground up for all eternity. At least until world peace breaks out. Count me in.

    This lad is keener than a paedo in a playground. That's what the Inf will always need... (Not sexual deviancy, but) the finest, best motivated soldiers and officers in any service.

    5.56 (I wonderred who go called shotgun on that username). Reference the trade/school leaver issue. If decide you've got a chin square and punchable enough to be a non-grad infantry officer... Listen in... Go to university first. We really get shit on. Seeing anyone promoted beyond you is a real punch in the face. It's even worse if you're more experienced, qualified and deserving. Come the revolution!

    As a soldier, which you state as your aspiration... I don't know you, so I can't be specific. When you do speak to a careers advisor of any flavour, keep the ultra keen attitude (it's great to see, and will get you a long way), but think critically about everything you are told about choice of arm. Don't be too quick to join the same cap badge as the Recruiting Sergeant. Know what you want before you sign on any line. Do that by reading, speaking, posting, listening to tramps and heros (sometimes the same thing), visiting units, or just choosing which Battalion/Super Regiment (arrgggh) has the SMARTest cap badge.

    You'll be closing with and destroying before you know it. Keep the faith.

  9. Where/What is aoshkotte?
  10. Yeah.. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to come on all chippy ******. I must have been drunk. Lesson learned.
  11. I was thinking of a career in the infantry aswell... did the barb test (56) and im about to send off my medical.

    I think the infantry is for me, in that it's where most of the action is... right the on the frontline eh?
    Can someone enlighten me please, what can the infantry do for me and what can I get out of it - qualities, qualifications, etc.
    All advice is appreciated.