Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tankman, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. Dear All

    I am looking at joining the Int Corps and was wondering how hard it is to get in and what the selection procedure involves. I am 21 years old with 9 GCSE's and Two A-levels at grade D and E.

    Please advise.


  2. Greetings

    You will find other pages on this site quite useful:

    Officer or Op MI??
    rank / officer progression

    Career advice : intelligence officer

    I am hoping that you have already visited this site, Intelligence Corps and perhaps asked at an Armed Forces Careers Office?

    The Corps is particularly keen to recruit intelligent individuals with a keen and enquiring mind. There are hundereds of threads about the Intelligence Corps here and you could do a lot worse than ploughing through them.

    The quality of your line of questioning will certainly improve.

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  3. Tankman,
    Go for it. The selection procedure will involve the standard Army aptitude test that every recruit must take, followed by a number of other tests such as language aptitude, etc. You have the minimum qualifications, but be aware that what you have is nothing special in a Corps where many of the recruits who join these days have a degree. What will be more important than the qualifications is a keen and enquiring mind, as subsonic pointed out, plus a high degree of flexibility and adaptibility. The trade training cannot cover everything, and many of the subjects were taught in my day as being black and white. The reality when you get out there is that everything is a shade of grey.
    With the current tempo of work, you should also be prepared to deploy to operational theatres a bit more often than members of some of the other Corps and Regiments (but not all, before someone has a go at me). If you don't fancy going to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., then I'm afraid you're not cut out for this lark.
  4. Thank you for your comments on my topic. I have been wanting this for such along time and i know there are alot of people out there with degrees, but i am hoping i process the qualities they are looking for.

    I can work in a team enviromnemt very well and equally well on my own. I can think on my feet and change to the environment qucikly. I also have the ability to with hold sensitive informtation as i have had much practice, in this day and age is a degree that important?

    I feel that there may be many people out there with degree's and try to fake there way in where there is someone like me who has my heart set on the job with some qualifications and the determination to suceed.

    Please post you views on having a degree being the upmost importance to a job that requires far much further qualities.
  5. Languages are particularly useful.

    Especially English.

    It stands you in good stead that you "have the ability to withhold sensitive information". That will come in very handy during your vetting interview ;)
  6. If you get your application in straight away, you could be lucky. I've heard a rumour that there could be a vacancy opening up in Edinburgh pretty soon. :wink:
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  9. Don't know who the OC is in 94 at the moment, but he's b100dy lucky if M*** H*** has probably moved on by now!![/quote]


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