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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Regalia, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone currently on resettlement actually found CTP useful?

    I did a 3-day CTP workshop which was, frankly, pish; there was nothing I couldn't have done at my local AEC.

    The emphais is heavily weighted on technical / comms / Engr trades and SHEF (civ equivalent). Whilst this may be of use to folk who've developed a career profile in this kind of work over a long career, it does c*ck all for anyone else.

    I may do a full evaluation for my C2 but would be interested to hear other people's experiences.
  2. I found it excellent. Out two and half years well sorted now. Not in any main frame Army to Civy jobs. Found the CTP shebang useful, if only to civilianise my brain and my CV etc. Top tip - apply for anything even if its not what you want or is for you. Get the interview and see how these civdivs speak etc. Get a foot in and the openings inside will increase as civdivs tend to fall away leaving the cream to rise.

    Im in Computer Forensics and the market is huge and getting bigger. Smart phone forensics is the next big thing. End of this year there will be more smart phones than computers in UK.

    If you research the market place you can use your money to value up on courses not the bog standard courses that are bandied around.
  3. My bold: Agree

    I done mine in NI and even though my circumstances were different to others as to where I was going next the CTP is a very useful tool/workshop

    People seem to forget it is only a career transition guidance programme and I had others on mine who were slightly dissappointed on the outcome but it certainly brushed up my skills & drills in certain areas
  4. I agree too. It isn't a "Magic Wand" course. I found that if you do the prep work before you go, it can help as a final polish and to fill any gaps that you hadn't considered prior to going.

    However, CTP seemed to think that I'd done everything BassAckWard, as I'd done everything prior to going (I had a very short interview with my "Consultant"!). But, it worked very well for me.