Career Trade Streaming, WTF?

Trade Streams, fine the way they are?

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  • Whats a trade in AAC?

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Latest rumour at 4....

Just heard of the RCMO that the plans for trade streaming will be taking effect soon, ie you join as AAC signaller, tech storeman or driver/groundy.
He explained about the "rank pyramid" structure for example, Comd Tp.

Around 12 toms,
10(ish) Lcpls
3-4 Cpls
1 sgt
1 WO1/2
1 Capt

So you join as a tom, bottom of the pecking order. this means (providing no postings/discharges) that just to get to lance jack, you have to wait til the sgt has been replaced by a cpl, the cpl replaced by l/cpl, the l/cpl replaced by senior tom. So it will take nearly 12 years to get first tape???
Nice!!! :?: :?: :!: :?:

So if anyones heard anything new/different, spread the wealth!!![/b]