Career prospects next 22 years for recruits - Your thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Don't know if this has been done before on the forums and not sure if this is the correct one. I'm musing now and painting a picture:-

    Some say Afghanistan may be with us for 5 to 10 years, while others think they'll be bringing them home in not too long as the public won't stand the casualties.

    With this massive government debt the Army (along with the other services) are likely to have to suffer cuts in spending and the Generals won't get to recruit the 25,000 extra soldiers on their wish list - did we ever have the barracks for them anyway? It's quite feasible that the UK Defence Budget - presently one of the world's largest - may have to be reduced to say the size of Italy's, consequently the UK will be off the top table of nations.

    Should the Tories win the election held within the next 10 months, Cameron may unhitch our star from the US wagon and UK foreign policy will no longer be made in the West Wing of the White House. What will be the result? Will their be further integration with EU Forces - a UK/Irish/Portugese Brigade for example?

    I'm trying to picture in my mind's eye to kind of the career say of a young 17 year old passing out the Army Foundation College at Harrogate into the Regular Army this term would have over the next 22 years. What types of operations will he be serving in - asymmetric or heavy metal? What size of force level - battle group, brigade or division level, UK or multinational formation? What continents will he serve in? Will he be sufficiently clothed, equipped and protected for the tasks ahead of him or will shortages continue? What kind of support package - serving (terms and conditions of service, housing and welfare etc) and post career - will he receive? Will there still be a Wednesday Sports Afternoon and time for adventurous training? Will he believe that he's doing a worthwhile job and be adequately recompensed for it? What changes is he himself likely to experience in his career? I for one suspect he will see his career possibly extended with his consent out to the age of 60. Above all, will he enjoy what he's doing?

    Any punter out there with any thoughts?
  2. If you're joining the army to see action there's never been a better time . Don't think you won't because you will
  3. Thats what i am always pondering ... if i get through my training, will my career just consist of tour after tour after tour of afghanistan :/
  4. Id rather go to afghanistan than northern ireland. :cry: :cry: on the para documentary the troopers didnt look to impressed being in northern ireland. afghanistan is what new recruited soldier's thrive for. unless you just want some qualifications to go back to civvy street or have a poor excuse to gain money because of recession. You should want to do the job your paid for if not why join?
  5. One of the reasons was for a varied lifestyle.
  6. What job you going for?
  7. Infantry - 3 mercian, so the variety starts as soon as i reach battalion tbf because their based in fally. Just not sure how the variety will develop frm there :/
  8. The forecast;

    Tour after tour of Afg (unless N Korea kicks off) with a possibilty of tours in some glorious African country, or even NI if PIRA,RIRA,CIRA start again. Not in line with current "Harmony Guidelines" so these will be changed.

    Sports afternoons? Haven't had one for 5 yrs.

    Adv Trg had some of this about 5yrs ago IIRC in Tregantle which is now closed and a couple of years before that in Halton? (Nr Blackpool (which I believe is closing)) so not much joy on that front..

    More BMI checks (fecking pointless), more half baked H&S, more computer systems to drain the will to live, more military technology that only the inventor understands, doing more with less, losing leave entitlements as its impossible to fit POTL, embarkation (never had this but believe it exists), and annual around duties, exercises and training courses, and last but not least further restructuring in the name of progress.

    May seem a bleak forecast but I love it all, and I won't change to civ div until my time is up. Re-inventing the wheel keeps me amused, if you couldn't take a joke..........

    Serving till 60........... as what?
  9. OK im joining RRF by the way you dont choose battalion just get preference and the army will put you where needed. Anyway as a potential infantry recruit myself i dont understand what your looking for any infantry recruit wants to go to afghanistan. In my view you need a revaluation on your job choice in the forces. There are easier ways to make money seriously your going infantry what recruit doesn't want afghanistan.Do you just want to train forever and never use your unique skills i want all the ops i can get my hands on. I think your wasting a space for people who actually want the infantry job. Your going to have a miserable career if you go infantry from what you've told me. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. You get to choose battalion if they all recruit from different areas like the mercians, im from staffordshire so im gna be in the staffs (now known as 3rd battalion mercian regiment) not the 1st battalion (cheshires) or 2nd (worcters and foresters). Of course i want to go to Afghan and put the training to use ... will my view be the same after 5 tours of the place ?? Im not so sure. Who are you to say im wasting someone else, ive earnt this space and chose the infantry over all the other jobs despite being able to choose any job in the army or even go to college. Im looking into both sides of an army career, the negative and the positive, im pretty sure ur 'happy dandy' view of op tours and the infantrry in general will probably be shattered by the reality. The reality is stated by the serving infantryman above you, i think ur idea of an army career is far from the truth tbh billboard.
  11. Fair enough but i take the bad with good so my dreams wont be shattered because its made out of airplane windows. You seem to have a negative view already thats not good also i think you should count yourself lucky to get through 5 afghan tours unscathed.
  12. I think thats more negative than anything ive come out with. I dont plan on dying or getting blown up tbf mate. We're talking 22 year careers here remember so im sure there will be a few afghan tours in store.
  13. I aint being funny but no matter how good your training is IEDS are the number 1 killer of soldier's in afghanistan. A LT colonel was killed by one RIP its hard to think that low level privates wont be dealt the same. Its not negative just reality be prepared god speed and good luck if still going infantry. :D :D
  14. I no what you mean mate but the topic is 22 years recruits and if they die before that point thn thy wont be a 22yr recruit. I was simply staying on topic by talking about the tour prospects of a FULL 22 year recruit. Good luck to you too though, im sure we'll both have two successful careers even if they are from two different prospectives. :)
  15. Cheers matey. :D :D :wink: :wink: