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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by nescafe236, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I am thinking about joining the Royal Signals as an officer and have been told my career prospects if I leave would be very good perhaps to get into IT project management or something of that ilk. Therefore this question is really aimed at any people who have left and experienced the job market away from the army, how have you fared and what kind of jobs have been on offer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. People management, determination, self respect, discipline, motivation are all very useful; I guess you would come out with all of these.

    If you are thinking about the Signals, definitely get on a familiarisation down to Blandford, the SORLS team are very good.
  3. Taita, I am going to Blandford towards the end of the year (date yet to be confirmed) I assume that you have been yourself, what did you think and how was the event organised?
  4. If you get really stuck there are plenty of barriers that need to go up and down.
  5. Yes I went a month or so ago.

    Event is well run, you aren't standing round kicking your heels. Being perfectly honest, I only went on that visit to keep the parents happy, and I never really considered R SIGNALS before. The visit changed all that.

    Get yourself down ASAP :)
  6. Don't you think it's a bit funny to choose a career for what you might want to do afterwards?
  7. Quite. If I knew I was going to do three years and then be out on my arrse because the of the latest white paper, I'd still want in.
  8. Think he's clever to think ahead.

    Think about the amount of people that get medically discharged - if for instance he randomly developed diabetes he'd be out on his arrse.

    I'm sure there's a whole ream of other answers for what could happen to cut his military career short so why not ask questions about what is going to benefit him?
  9. Spot on Olympius I am not planning on leaving I am simply trying to see what options are available if for some reason I cannot continue my career with the army.
  10. I just think it's a bit strange. The transferable skills of any officer are good I think, I just can't imagine any job, aside from perhaps ETS or SPS or even RMP parlaying directly into civvy street. Fair enough if you are set on the sigs because you really like the job. Then maybe look at what else it offers you. It just seems strange to choose a job because it might offer you a path to a job five years later. Do you know what a royal sigs troop commander does?
  11. I'm of the belief that most ex-Army officers, particularly pre-Credit crunch, got themselves quite comfy on exiting? Not CEO's straight away but can get good positions. I really want to be an army officer and always have done but I also think about my own personal prospects, I think it's strange, if a bit idiotic, if you HAVEN'T bothered to do this.
  12. I know as much information as I can read from the MOD websites and on here. That is why I am on here to try and find out some info from the people who have been there and done it.

    Also Your statement that it seems strange to choose a job because it might offer me a path to a job five years later is absurd, obviously I want to make choices that are going to help me excel in life be that with the army or not.
  13. James,

    Been out a year now and, declaring an interest, was RE. Absolutely right to think ahead. I think many an MD'd, passed-over or simply that-bit-older officer may wish he'd had your foresight.

    In terms of transferable personal skills that are developed from service life, I would hope that those qualities would be manifest in any capbadge so I'll leave those to one side. You, after all, will still be you.

    In answer to your question, I agree there's a sizeable amount of IT project management out in the real world and you would be well placed coming out with that kind of qualification/CV. I would also say that this extends (in other fields) to RE, RLC and REME backgrounds.

    What I would like to add (and not knowing your career aspirations) is not to underplay the importance of staff jobs. Many of those outside RD will involve some project management and may well provide commercial experience. Many teeth-arm officers, having been in LAND, DE&S or MOD gain precisely this sort of experience and prove to be gifted project/programme managers (even Gunners). On a civilian CV, this will often play better than getting 170 blokes' SJARS in on time!

    I would say don't necessarily join a CS/CSS capbadge on the never-never. Do what you really want to do and the rest will follow.
  14. Got out in 05 after 6 years and I am doing just fine thank you, not quite a CEO yet but on the board.

    I was RE, you might want to have a look at them as well. Some good friends are/ were scaley backs and were fine officers, however as all units there are some complete cnuts and crap officers.

    You are in a great position at the mo, use your Recruitement officer to the max, that is what he is there for.

    I recommend you go see 2 Corps- RSigs, RE, your local infantry regiment (get it out of the system now) and an armd regiment, you can never go wrong with the RTR.

  15. Pantsoff,

    Inspiring that you have done a SSC and landed comfortably, what sort of business area are you now involved in if you don't mind me asking? Was it directly linked to Engineering, or did you do an MBA/MSc or something to improve your CV, or is being an ex-officer helped you find a suitable post.

    Sorry to hijack the thread a bit.