Career progression

IMO, one of the key points to retention, is ensuring soldiers progress down the right career path.

I've been extremely lucky and have become a trained soldier in probably half the time normally taken (only due to work situations) but seem to have hit a sticking point as far as progression goes.

If soldiers are ready, willing and able, surely this should be identified and developed and not neglected? This would make the soldiers perception of themselves and their abilities change, and from what I've seen frustration sets in also.

The last year has seen a lot of highs and lows at our Unit, and we've undergone a lot of changes. We've had people through the door, only to never be seen again after a few months but we've also held on to a lot of new recruits. (albeit not really sure how in some cases!) If we get more people trained on instruction, then it broadens the training opportunities for the new recruits, as well as frees up the existing recruiting staff to do other things.

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