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Alright guys-Posted here some weeks back re: advice for enlisting after service w/ FFL. Recently filled out app. forms online re: RM and Army so just weighing up options. Can anyone offer guidance on promotion/career progression for someone going Army late 20's,but with prior experience albeit FFL?If switched on and mustard, how soon could I realistically expect a bump upwards? And can someone please clear up whether there are age limits for courses like AACC/P-Company/UKSF Briefing/Selection? There is so much shite on civvy street and on-line it's hard not to get mixed up,someone told me in my gym he went SF at 19 and cut off is 24!!? I doubt him on both tbh,but you get my drift here. Serious question,serious answer hoped for,whilst keeping opsec in mind. Thanks


SF cut off is is not 24. Last time I looked it was 32. . But you have to have to 24 months service (after training) before you can apply, but will prob be at least a L/Cpl before your CoC will allow you to do the brief in any case..
There is also a Commanding Officer’s assessment, so you would need to be recommended.

Promotion depends on service or branch and you. This might give you and idea.
1. I do.

2. The bit about 'someone told me in my gym... ' did it for me...

3. My advice would mirror Steptoe's, although acknowledging, of course, that direct entry into UKSF is possible if one join's the Army Reserve...

4. Merry Christmas!


Would make a good Sticky. If I was going for a job, I would want to know if I could progress. For some reason some people think getting badges is progressing. I guess we should explain that they are just different roles you can look during your career. RAF Regt, SF, Paras, Int Corps all sound sexy. Prob a bit dull most of the time...


All those sweaty Navy lads, I would be suprised if there were any limits on sex. Only gay if you push back remember!
Contacted National Recruitment Centre and my local AFCO and got two different answers re: age limits!?Obviously OPSEC is important but age limits can't be classified? Anyone seen a recent DIN on SF age for other ranks? And before anyone wades in with another 'wah' or 'wind-up' comment, don't bother. I'm ex military looking at making a serious decision in life,so even if it's PM.....
Maybe the age limits aren't hard and fast for SF. From what I've seen of the FFL*, you'd be as fit as any other applicant.

* - saw the FFL in Bosnia. Two lads had fallen asleep on guard. Punishment was to build a sangar halfway up a hill out of sandbags that they filled at the bottom, and then ran up the hill with. Place sandbag, run down, repeat until sangar is finished. No breaks, no rest, just GTF on with it. Poor bastards were there all day. Pour encourager les autres.
faire ou mourir! ha! ive seen a few mind fucks alright :) my tabbing is decent and was right from the get go, but believe it or not I'd struggle with the Para 1.5mile time limit at the mo ~ 9:18 is f**king moving!!

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