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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Stinky_Whizzleteats, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. I am currently in the process of transferring from the Royal corps of overmanning, looking at Op MI. Although I have pulled the job description off of the Army website, I was after a little more info on the career progression; ie how long are you at each class/rank, when do you specialise, peoples' general opinions of the specialisms, stuff like that.

    Also, what are lightsiders and darksiders? :?
  2. Bump because it asks everything i want to know and saves me making thread.
  3. Time in rank depends on how good you are.

    Not sure how transferees prgress from class 3 - 1, and I suspect a lot of that will be down to individual abilities and units opinions. Speaking of a good few moons ago, for direct entries it was 12 months to class 2 then about another 2 years to class 1. I suspect (this is purely opinion at the moment) its about two years to 2 and two years to 1 now, based on tour durations.

    Specialisations - depends what you want to specialise in.

    lighsiders - the old Op Int&Sy trades. People who work in buildings with windows.
    Darksiders - the old OpSI and OpSI(L) trades. People who work in buildings without windows.

    Doesnt really apply as much any more.
  4. Once you are a disciple of the darkside, there is no going back.

    However, the force is strong in you spindler and I forsee good things for you.

    All joking aside SW

    If you transfer as a SNCO, you do your Class 3 then do your class 1 about 6 months later. Can't speak for the juniors as it was so long ago that I did it and it has all changed with the advent of the ...ahem.... single trade!

    You can specialise at almost anytime after your first tour, although the Coprs does prefer you to get a bit of balance between Int and Sy duties first. Having said that, there are tose who have only ever done one thing in their entire career.
  5. I am flattered :)
  6. Beware of doing so, if you aspire to the pips.......... Quote from the feed back on two failed attempts "This WO lacks breadth of experience and should be employed outside his specialisation" I went on to waste 6 months doing absolutely nothing, broadening my experience and eventually got the hands on the head etc.
  7. Career progression is relatively quick in the Corps. If you're a screw now you can expect to do Class 3, then within 6 months to a year go on to Class 2 and more than likely get your Seniors Cadre in there aswell! Within a year of that you'll go back and do your Class 1. So basically within your first tour after you're Class 3 you will be fully qualled up and awaiting promotion. This doesnt happen in all cases but in the majority it works.

    As a senior now you can expect to finish you Class 3 then within 6 months to a year go back to Quicksands and do your Class 1's. you can that expect to pick up your 3 bananas and an apple after just 2 years in the corps. The one rule the corps does have is that transferees have to be in the corps for 2 years before they're entitled to promotion.

    Also expect to go on tour a lot! If you go to a security section you'll more than likely end up on tour doing Field sy some where and if you're posted to an Int section you will go out either to an all sources cell or with the section you are with at the time.

    As for specialising, the corps has load of routes to go down and after you're first tour if there's something that's caught you're eye then you will be able to try the course!