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Hello gentlemen,

I apologise in advance for being a pain but I am seeking answers I have not as of yet been able to receive from the Royal Engineers website or the Army recruitment lines.

I'm looking to trade as a Design Draughtsperson or Surveyor Engineer. I'm from a Graphic Design degree background and currently studying a Msc conversion course in Building Surveying. I'm looking to undertake the APC (assessment of professional competence) to gain chartered Building Surveyor status once I graduate and my question is would I be able to achieve this with the Royal Engineers in them chosen trades?

I am aware that officers can become chartered in a chosen field but I intend to enter as a rank as I have no leadership experience at present and also not enough UCAS points as I went direct to University with a

Also, how long would I be looking at before I could actually start using my trade as opposed to being in a field section?

I realise this forum isn't for newbies looking to get their idiotic questions answered but I would be grateful for your time and any type of help is appreciated.

Thank you,


(edited for awfully wrong army terminology)
I'm not too sure whether it would with the AOSB. I know for definite that the UCAS points requirement can not be waived for the Royal Navy or Royal Marines officer selection so I assumed it would be the case with all services.

The officer route doesn't appeal to me anyway, I want the sapper lifestyle as a rank. If I'm good enough I'd hope to gain a promotion or a commission based on merit but like I said I've no experience in leadership or managing people so I wouldn't want to waste their time attempting to get in Sandhurst.

Maybe a role as a Clerk of Works would offer an opportunity to become chartered?
I think it will take time to get to Clerk of Works.

Thats a route I'll be looking for, but I'm assuming you gotta be in a while and prove yourself before you get a chance of that?
At the moment there are no positions that require somebody to be MRICS. Design Draughtman would probably help as the surveyor trade is closely tied to ICES and not building surveying. The next step up to make is Clerk of Works (Construction). It is a hard 2 year course at Foundation degree level. The Corps has just bought in a modular BEng which take two years of part time study to complete. I'm not sure if the degreees have been accredited by any professional institutions such as CIOB etc.

As for the leadership skills you are pretty much in the same boat as any other candidate. There are very few natural leaders out there, it is something that is developed over time. With your qualifications you would probably be pushed towards officer anyway, especially with a Masters. After 6 to 8 years you would be able to apply for CEng training which takes two years and will get you CEng status.

If you have any other questions PM me and I will try to help.

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