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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Wyvern, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm a medical cadet (if anyone from AMS HQ reads this, don't worry just yet..) but gradually getting more and more p!ssed off with the assessment methods used in medicine, (i.e. a load of pathetic soppy bull sh!t and a complete waste of time) along with becoming more p!ssed off with my university's attitude, which basically allows no room for you to become more pro-active in your education and regards everyone as 3 year olds....
    ANYWAY... (sorry for the rant), I've always been torn between 'proper armying' (for want of a better expression!) and being a Doc, so the RAMC seemed the best way to go to combine the two. However, with the above, MMC and the apparent demise of the RAMC, along with the decreased chance of becoming attached to a regiment, I am starting to wonder whether I should jump ship, and go more green. It's not a hugely serious thought, but a recurring one nontheless.
    How does career progression and assessment work for reg. officers after leaving Sandhurst? If I did look at a career change, it would be to the RE or Artillery, if that's any help.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. The only thing I can comment upon is that you have to opt for a choice at Sandhurst and sit boards. There is no certainty that you'll get the regiment you want want.
  3. I think the considered opinion on here will be that you should continue with the degree course, as not having a degree will affect your career choices and progression. However, that opinion is for a "normal" degree - not a medical degree.

    Your question should spark a lively debate!

  4. Wyvern,

    Stick with your Med degree:

    1. You are paid to be a student as a Cadet.

    2. You will regret joining the Army as a non-grad.

    3. As a doc you will get quicker promotion and much more pay than us normal officers.

    4. You will be an RMO with a unit and on ops.

    5. You can go para or cdo or SF as a doc.

    6. You have a career when you leave the Army.

    Don't be wet, get stuck into your med degree (all the Medics I new at Uni were great on the piss and played a lot of rugby - good officer traits).

    You will always regret it if you bin it now. i know as I am a frustrated medic masquerading as a Gunner!


  5. Cheers Litotes -
    To remove the degree aspect from the debate - if I quit now, I'd still have a diploma in Medical Sciences (which I know would mean nothing), if I left at the end of 4th year I'd get a degree... I'm probably not going to quit, I really appreciate how lucky I am to have a place at medical school, and good job prospects at the end of it. However, any info from this thread will help me decide whether to think 'No, I'm definately sticking with medicine' or 'Hmm, this could be worth thinking about more'.

    Also, I don't mean to sound defeatist but i'm female. That tends to get in the way of exciting stuff :( I do still play rugby though :D
    And if you're lucky enough to get an aRMO post (cos RMO as a junior aint happening), its only for a year. Then it's back to the hospitals...
  6. Wyvern

    I'm not an RAMC expert, but I know a number of RMOs that have completed full RMO tours as Capts. As a civie or Army Doc you still ned to complete HO so I can't see the hardship in having to do a hospital stint early on.


  7. Stick with it mate. We need more doctors who will thınk as soldiers and not just dish out biff chits to the lame and lazy. You will have enough chances to do the Green stuff to enjoy the odd break from it.
  8. Stick the course and get the qualification then make the choice. THe choice seems to me fairly simple:do you:
    A. Want to be a Doctor?
    B. Want to be a soldier?

    You can't really be both. I would much rather be sewn back together by a good doctor than a good soldier, and i would mch rather recieve covering fire from a good soldier not a good Doctor. Whatever anyone say life in the RAP is not like being the point man a Rifle Coy, or a FOO, or an Engr Plt Comd. However get the qualification first then decide. No sense in rushing things.

    (Got any mates who are nurses and lonely?)
  9. Sorry, Wyvern, but I am a bit busy at the moment. You don't have to do rugby - any sport will do - and I can name half a dozen adrenaline sports where the fact that you are a girl will not hinder you in any way.

    I thought your question would generate a little more discussion, but there have been some interesting alternative threads running over the last few days. I think people agree with me; stick with your degree studies and then join. Don't hit the beer and kebabs en route, though!

  10. not planning to :D

    Had the good fortune to meet a lovely Capt at the hospital I'm at, had a similar moan - but he's basically said if I suck up to the right COs and MOs, show I'm good at my job and basically just badger people to give me jobs, the world's my oyster. Which is good to hear! I'd heard you only got RMO jobs if you're wanting to be a GP... not sure what he's training for (pretty sure it aint GP) but he's off to join an Artillery regt for a while, and he's had a number of fun postings... gives me hope!!

    The TA unit I'm attached to offered me a posting as an MO (slightly worrying as I'm not qualified); whilst I pointed this out I can't take that role, I fully intend to use my position there as a springboard to get COs talking to COs and saying I'm a bloody good lass.. (well, thats the plan,haha).

    All good advice guys... thanks... will be sticking at it I think, at least for now!