Career problems due to re-rolling?

Some of my soldiers are having real problems regarding promotion. In the last 5 years our Regiment has rerolled twice, once in a change of wpn system (from Javelin to HVM) and more recently a change of discipline (HVM to Lt Gun).

This of course has resulted in a great deal of training for our soldiers, particularly for those at the 'Detachment Commander' level (Bdr or Sgt) as they have to complete the full range of courses from the bottom up ie Basic, Advanced and Commander's courses.

Being in a TA regiment, each of these courses is effectively a 2week course, so for a senior LBdr to get to a stage where he could be qualified for promotion to Bdr would take 2 - 3 years.

A few of my lads had just got to the required level at HVM when the announcement was made that we would be converting to Lt Gun. Initially the officers in the regt stated that no one would loose out on promotion due to rerolling, but now APC glasgow are saying that you must be qualified in the discipline that your LSN is for.

Has anyone else had a similar situation occur with them? Or are there any sneaky ways around things? I think its wrong that my soldiers are loosing out purely because of political decisions and the FAS reorg!