Career mismanagement?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Zarathustra, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Can a private soldier have their career mismanaged? I don't want to go into to details but I feel that my career has been mismanaged, though I've been told privates soldiers can't have their careers mismanaged.

    Could some one give me the details of any of the JSPs that cover this, I don't have much access to JPA so knowing what to look for would save me a lot of time.

  2. JSP 831. If you truly think you are being mismanaged, push it up the chain. If you get found to just be moaning cos you didn't get a cushy number you were trying to blag, It will come back and bite you in the shitter
  3. Thanks, I have good reason to believe I have been mismanaged.
  4. Why? How long have you been in; what's your trade, what expectations are reasonable in your sub-unit?
  5. ******* too right they can! I used to mismanage many of my Private soldiers when I was a Platoon Commander. I was a right ****!

    **** 'em.

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  6. I played with my privates an awful lot.
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  7. track_bashing knods in agreement with Fallschirmjager with a smirk.

    Birch the *****
  8. Coming on to 9 years (10 if you include a years service under 18), Infantry, what do you mean by expectations?
  9. How long had you been in before you got smashed up Crow Bag?
  10. I'd been in just over five years.
  11. Had you been on a JNCO cadre in that time?
  12. No I'd been told I'd get promoted/be eligible for promotion after completing a selection course I did for the job I'd be doing on tour.

    But wires had been crossed somewhere and my boss had at the time had been given some bad info.

    Though that's not really the issue, it's what's happened in the 4 years since.
  13. Are you currently 'with' your Bn, or on attachment elsewhere?
  14. What's your med status at present? Are you FE? some posters on here seem to know quite a bit about your situation, but you're being very guarded in your responses. 10 years is a bloody long time to do as a Tom. Have you had some form of major administrative action against you? After that amount of time, even if you were dog toffee as a youngster the ChOC should be willing to take some sort of risk giving you a tape. How far behind your peer group are you?
  15. I've never even been AGAId, I can pass my fitness tests comfortably and all my SJARS since 2005 have had recommended for promotion now and all that good stuff.

    I'm P3 but am deployable, and have been pretty much constantly since late 2007/early 2008 but as we no longer run G4/downgraded JNCO cadres I can't be promoted.

    All the people I was in training with are now fairly senior full screws.