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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by NECROTIC-MIND, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. :?
    Are there any legal types out there that can give some advice?
    Situation is: one of my lcpls has been told he must go on a career course during the current operational tour or face busting and a move of sub-unit. He is happy to go on the course after the tour but because of debts needs to stay for the LSSA and other benefits.
    The sticking point is that once the tour is over we will need instructors for an in-house training program that needs him to be qualified. Putting him on the course when he is unwilling could turn him away from a long term career and the bloke is a good soldier with potential.
    I think that his career is in danger of being mismanaged for the good and benefit of the larger organisation. The officer responsible is unwilling to listen to reason and is very rigid in his leadership style.
  2. I think you'll find that if the management have given you (him) a career course, then they have your (his) career interests in hand and therefore you'd (sorry, he'd) be hard pushed to prove 'career mismanagement'. In fact, you'd (sorry, I meant 'he'd') look bloody foolish, even ungrateful.

    Now, if they'd refused you (sorry there I go again, I meant 'him') a career course, you (he) may (dependant upon the circumstances) have grounds to redress.

    As for wanting to stay on tour, well, it's your (sorry I meant 'his') call.

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds eh?

    Why don't you f*cking grow up.
  3. It's not really a legal issue. The Military Secretary's Binding Principle applies to this situation (the needs of the Army come first...).

    However, there are some problem areas: you say he "faces busting" if he doesn't go on the course. I presume, therefore, that he's being employed as an Acting or Local Corporal and would therefore have to revert to rank if he doesn't complete the career course when offered the chance.

    That's the rules, I'm afraid. The new rules for "removal from post" in AGAI 67 will come into effect and he will have to be moved to another post in order to free up a space for a qualified JNCO.

    If, on the other hand, you're saying that he'll get bust to Pte if he doesn't do the course... well, that sounds a bit unlikely, to be honest. There's no proper way of doing that unless he's commited an offence of some sort.

    As for needing LSSA to help cover debts... it sounds like it's money management he needs help with, not career management. There are many organizations - commerical companies and charities - who can help people whose lives are being upset by debt. But this JNCO needs to remember that indebtedness is a dangerous position to be in for a soldier. It is still possible to be placed on a warning for discharge on the grounds of indebtedness (although it's considered a last resort).

    As for the "sticking point" - putting him on the course when he is unwilling may damage his morale, but not taking a career course when it is offered may end his career faster if he fails to merit a recommendation in further CRs.

  4. Cheers for the fast replies. :) As for Him / Me, (biscuits) well he's a Jnco and i'm a Snco so no he's not me. :? He's under my command so i thought it may be me trying to please all of the people all of the time and obviously that wont happen.
    Guess he's got little choice. There are no reasons to bust him. yet.
  5. Well if he fails to go on the career course, that is on offer, how will he expect to progress in the future? good soldier with potential or not, Remember there will be more behind him waiting for that place so they can progress as well, before you know it your left behind and wondering why. As for redress, dont bother as your Lcpl has no grounds from what I see.
  6. If you are as you claim, a SNCO (Not Snco) , then why didn't you explain the implications of his've been in long enough to know, without resorting to soliciting on this site. Or have you?

    If he is, as you claim, a JNCO (Not Jnco), then perhaps he should be aware of the pitfalls of any decision not to attend a career course.

    I'm not sure which unit you two tubes belong, but you both need a kick in the arrse. I suspect though that you and he are one in the same.
  7. i take it this JNCO is either your mate or someone has who has got somthing over you ????.

    Either way you as a SNCO you should realy think hard before posting such a stupid question and expecting not to have the URINE extracted.

    If you feel that sorry for him with his Financial problems.... swap wages with him while he attends the Course.

    But before he goes on the Cse with what can only be assumed as a "BAD ATTITUDE" then gently put your arm around him and explain the financial implications of not being paid as a JNCO.

    if that dosn't motivate him nothing will !!!!!!
  8. Biscuits

    "I suspect though that you and he are one in the same."[/quote]

    Shouldn't that be "One and the same" you patronising Tosser.
  9. Tubbs,
    Biscuit appears to be able to use the quote command though...

    To be fair, this was a pretty inane thread. There were no decent details posted to allow people to make a judgement, it was clearly low-brow (not Lowenbrau, a pity) stuff, but I am sure more details could have been provided without compromising the individual or the unit.

    When you cry wolf, I suspect it might be a nice idea if you know what a wolf is (no LR jokes please).
  10. LOL Biscuits :)
    have you been on the red meat again buddy :?:
  11. Does it really matter if this poster is asking the question for someone else or hiding in supposed anonymity (I await a spell check from one of you **** retentives :oops: )?

    If everyone who posts questions on here gets ripped to pieces they will start to leave in droves. Please save your fire for real/suspected journos :evil:
  12. Shouldn't that be "One and the same" you patronising Tosser.[/quote]

    Has it taken you all of that time to come up with that one?

    Rest your brain cell Trigger.