Career Mismanagement of soldier.



One of my soldiers has not been promoted so did some investigating. His last three CRs have been late or not turned up. I have arranged an interview for the soldier to speak to manning records as part of roadshow. I dont want him turning up without any back up, I am preparing his biography, course reports, insert slips Mid years, is there anything else that I could do as his SNCO?

His next CR will be a good one, I know as I have put the input in and spoken to his peers and other members off my hierarchy and they all agree that he has been career mismanaged. He has also been in acting rank for three years can he claim three years seniority?

I dont want him walking away with false promises, and false expectations.

Would a chaperone be appropriate to fight the soldiers corner?




He shouldnt go in with APC alone as they can speak with a forked tongue when it suits. Either his Troop staffy or Troop OC should be with him so they can both take notes on your mans career progression (is he getting an FCR?).

As for the bad G1, he can redress this quite easily, look in the agia's for redress of CR its all there (AGC Web). What you need to show is that he was promotable with a reccommend and was excluded from the board. Watch out for mitigating circumstances such as long courses or deployments where past Troop Cdr's can point the finger.

His CR should then be scored against his peers and if it shows he would of been above the line and wronged then hopefully they would rectify this and promote accordingly although this is not guarenteed.

As for the acting rank is this due to APC waiting for a course qualification such as CLM?

Dont forget you can have a chat with the RCMO for some pointers.

Make sure your Sqn 2IC knows your involvement as an angry APC or RCMO will really make the Adjt's day and you want to be seen as career manager not as a barrack room lawyer.


Cheers Disco,

Some good pointers there the RCMO will be present at interview, APC didnt have any of his career qualifications on record ie clm and cadre courses. The lad even qualified as a B1, the courses were part one ordered however Manning didnt have copies of this. This has disgusted me. It has taken nearly a year to sort out. However at the interview this will be resloved, I have looked at redress of grievance however the time limit is 6 months, might speak to the Military Secretary Department for permission to extend the grievance period. This will be done tomorrow.

Once again many thanks


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