career mismanagement?? help please!!

my husband has been serving now for eleven years and is still a private!! he got posted to york 5 yrs ago whilst his battalion was in catterick, he somehow got 'lost'. He was at the time downgraded due to having a fractured spine which has since been operated. He was then upgraded again but still remained in york. He was told that he had been on the last three promotions boards it has now been found out that he was lied to, hence no promotion. His new rcmo visited him last week and added him as a late entry to the board that sits today. However he has just received a phone call from him saying that battalion will provisionally promote but when it goes to glasgow they won't accept it as his has no proof that he did a leadership and tactics cadre even though its their fault as they lost his p file, what can he do??
Sign off, or manage his own career better. He's been in nine years, he should know what is required to get promoted. There's a reason why people don't get promoted in the army and it isn't because they get forgotten about or lied to. i imagine that his peers and contempories are attaining rank.
Glasgow should have all courses he's done on electronic record, as this info isnt just put in his units paper P-file. He should have each year signed his PAMPAS/UNICOM print out to confirm his NoK details and qualifications etc are correct. Unit would surely have been picked up at audit if this soldier hadnt signed it. If he did sign it then maybe he didnt look it over properly and didnt notice his promotion cadres werent recorded.

If he's been recommened for promotion in any of his last 11 CRs then he would have been boarded, if his CRs didnt make it to MCM Div then they would usually have contacted his unit to hurry them along to get them there in time for the board.

Of course, he might not have got a recommendation, therefore not boarded, or if he was boarded his pen pictures may have been too weak for him to make the quality line for promotion.

PS, Im not a clerk but what ive written above is how its all been explained to me over the years, including sitting on promotion boards as a marking member.

Some soldiers do 22 years without getting promoted.
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