Career Mis-management

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Stewie186, May 11, 2008.

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  1. I feel that my career has been mismanaged by MCM Div and I have missed out on promotion and gaining operational experience.
    Im Sigs and have been kept in a crypto cell for my last 3 postings while my peers have gained promotion after moving between different jobs and units, I have spoken to 3 different RCMO's and my OC's at each unit but all they have done is shrug their shoulders and told me they can do nothing.
    Is there any way of making a complaint about Career mis-management?
    and if so, how do I go about it?
  2. Not sure what your individual circumstances are but I would collate all my CRs and MYAs and scrutinise their content to see what your bosses thought your prospects are/were. I would pay attention in particular to your MYAs as they will have identified any training/requirements/shortfalls that will need to be addressed either by yourself or your CoC, including your own comments and feedback.
  3. As EC say's, and you can complain, however, it must be under the new regs for a Tri Service complaint, what used to be the Redress of Complaint, as a member of the military, this is your only method of Redress,
  4. Have you raised this on ArmyNet as well :? You may get advice on there too, although you do need to be careful you don't "over expose" yourself 8O On here your identity is relatively hidden :D , on ArmyNet you can be traced more easily :roll:
  5. Your identity is anonymous if you so wish on ArmyNET. There are no quiet little words to the chain of command when someone posts something controversial.

  6. ArmyNET_Assistance, I beg to bliddy differ 8O Having personally been threatened with disciplinary action by my CO over something I posted on ArmyNet.

    I used to use armyNet to seek answers to questions that I could not get from our crap G1 staff, or if I did they were blatantly wrong (and that was from a Capt & WO2) :x

    As a result, I now use this forum or speak to other contacts (as do most of our unit because they know what happened to me) :(
  7. If you wish to post something that you do not wish to be attributed to you, you can post anonymously. I encourage you to do so on ArmyNET, as there are a number of service organisations that moderate the forums on your behalf which are there to give you the best advice they can.