Career Management?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Attended a 17 year formal career interview at APC in Sept 2006, was told that my 2005 CR hadnt been completed correctly. They werent aware that I had been substantive CSgt for over a year and didnt know that I had completed my MTWO course. Accepted the excuse that mistakes happen.

Didnt receive a CR for 2007 so wrote to APC, a week later received a poor CR from my unit. Contacted APC for redress proceedure and was asked if I could send them a copy of my 2006 CR as they didnt have one. Alarm bells now beginning to ring.

2005 CR wasnt completed and in time
No 2006 CR ever received
2007 CR late

Questions are:-

Does this mean that since 2005 I have not been represented correctly at promotion boards?
Does this count as career foul or mismanagement?

Where do go from here? Can I complain? Is there a formal proceedure?

Many thanks.
Sounds like bloody great grounds for a formal redress to me. It would appear on the face of it that you haven't appeared on the promotion boards and that needs to be sorted out pronto!

Definitely sounds like mismanagement and career foul. I would be spitting feathers if I were you mate.

Make sure you document everything and have someone (officer) advise & assist with the redress letter, explaining all of your points that you feel have fallen short of what is expected, also highlighting what YOU want to be done about it.

Good luck!
This is about the worst case of career mis-management I have come across and I am pretty long in the tooth. You need to consult AGAI Volume 2 Chapter 70 which deals with formal complaints. You SHOULD be appointed an adviser by your CO to whom the complaint will have to go in the first instance. Good Luck.

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